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NASAI 2013 Presentation

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Sarah Pierce

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of NASAI 2013 Presentation

Readiness to Act
Readiness to Learn
Readiness to Teach
Mandy Smoker Broaddus
Donnie Wetzel Jr.
Sarah Pierce

This unprecedented collaboration between Tribes and States, and additional educational innovation is what our Native youth need if they are to receive a world-class education. They don't need anyone to affirm the value of a broken status-quo.

And our School Improvement Grants have made a real difference in several schools located on Indian reservations. The town of Pryor, Montana, on the Crow Indian Reservation, has many of the symptoms of a community suffering from deep, concentrated poverty. In 2010, Pryor's homicide rate was more than double the rate in Detroit, and 50 percent higher than in New Orleans—which I visited yesterday.

But I see early, promising signs of change there. After receiving a $1.5 million grant, teachers and schools leaders in Pryor Elementary and Middle Schools have significantly boosted student achievement for Native students. Levels of reading proficiency have risen 15 percent, and levels of math proficiency doubled.
Secretary Arne Duncan 4th White House Tribal Nations Conference
The Montana SIG Model
We approach this in a holistic manner by providing support mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Understanding our student situations in life and identifying their support systems to help guide them to be better equipped for life. The youth have many of the answers and it is our job to support them and empower them by building them up to get their voices heard.
The Montana Model- A Unique Approach to the federal School Improvement Grants
Attendance Rates
All school gatherings, Leadership Academies, finance, and trustee trainings
Turnaround is not simply about pushing the right buttons on a complicated machine. At the heart of all reform efforts are the people who bring the strategies to life. Anthony G. Smith
Continued plans

Mandy Smoker-Broaddus
Sarah Pierce
Donnie Wetzel
Leadership is a skill beyond title,
but a necessary component to
create and sustain a mission and
vision to ensure all resources are
aligned to student needs.
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