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The Future of Games Consoles!

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Howard Battersby

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The Future of Games Consoles!

What console do I think will be the most and least successful?
In my opinion, I think there are actually 3 consoles which I think can be successful in the future. These consoles are: Sony's Playstation, Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's DS! The reason why I think this is because they get a lot of money from the amount of sales they've had (Which is a lot) and lots of people enjoy spending hours playing on them non- stop!

However, the one console I think that will be the least successful is Nintendo's Wii! This is because it's sales are behind the other products so not a lot of people want to buy it. The Playstation 2 has 5 times more sales than the Wii U! Now THAT reason just showed really how low its sales are. I'm not saying it's the worst console but I'm not saying it's the best console as well.
The Future of Games Consoles!
The Xbox!
Microsoft Xbox is one of the best- selling game consoles of all time. The Xbox has evolved from the original Xbox to the Xbox One! The games have better graphics and they are more fun to play! Imagine the games when a new Xbox comes later in life- it sounds exciting and we all can't wait! Who knows what the future of the Xbox will hold? Would it be the next best world- selling games console or would the Sony Playstation beat it for the win?
The Playstation!
Right now, the Playstation 2 is the best- selling console in the world! Approximately over 155 million were sold in 13 years! However, the Playstation 3 is the 8th best- selling console in the world, with over 78 million sold in just 7 years! It's just behind the Xbox 360, with 78.2 million sales in 8 years. Would there be a great future ahead for Sony's Playstation? Will it be THE NEXT BIG THING?
The Nintendo Wii!
The first Nintendo Wii is the 5th most best- selling games console in the world. It has approximately over 100.04 million sales in just 7 years! Recently there has been a release of the Wii U but there are some disappointing news about it. The Wii U has only sold approximately 3.6 million. Compare this to a game such as GTA V, in just a month of release it has sold a smashing 16 million copies! Also the thing is that GTA V is a game and not a console. Overall, I think the Nintendo Wii cannot be the next big thing due to the amount of sales it has had.
The Nintendo DS!
The Nintendo DS is the best- selling handheld console in the world! Out of all the consoles, it is the 2nd most best- selling console with approximately over 153.93 million sales, just behind the Playstation 2 which has approximately over 155 million sales. The Nintendo DS was released 9 years ago but there are lots of other versions of the Nintendo DS. This includes: Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS. Nintendo DS's are good for those who go out somewhere for the day a lot. It is portable and light! I think in the future, The Nintendo DS will be a big hit as lots of people like to buy it. If Nintendo works and tries hard enough, it might just beat Sony's Playstation in sales!
By Leon Ha!
<-- The Xbox One!
<-- The Original Xbox!
<-- The Original Playstation!
<-- The Playstation 4!
<-- The Original Nintendo Wii!
<-- The Wii U!
<-- The Original Nintendo DS!
<-- The Nintendo 2DS!
Thank you for
listening to my Presentation about The Future of Games Consoles!

By Leon Ha!
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