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People Media

No description

Monique Rayco

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of People Media

People Media
Group 3 | EDTECH 101 THX 2S1516
Each group shall compare and contrast how people media is used in visual media and text media.
1. The Listener
Ten Types of Social Media Users
2. The Activist
3. The Spammer
4. The Passionista
5. The Social Butterfly
6. The Troll
7. The Teacher
8. The Early Adopter
9. The Black Booker
10. The Family Man
or system of
, or entertainment
What is a medium?
teacher-student setup vs. facilitator-learner setup
People in Education
Characteristics of People Media
People Media for Visual Learners
People Media for Auditory Learners
People Media for Kinesthetic Learners
People Media for Learning to Read/Write
Write a reflective essay that may be included in your blogs
Recall your most memorable teacher in recent memory.
What makes this teacher an effective people medium?
Thank you! :)
An active social media user but prefers to fly under the radar. They might like your posts but that doesn't mean they will actually "like" it so the rest of Facebook knows.
A compassionate heart and unsettled spirit gives this type of user a knack for promotion. They realize the power of social media and strive to have their voices heard to make a difference.
This is the type of person that tells themselves their cheesy post count as "quality content" and that sending weekly promotional messages directly to your inbox is cool since you are Facebook friends.
A special breed of passionista that loves to share knowledge. They are passionate about their topic and love it as much as they do. They completely understand "quality content" and live and breathe it everyday.
They were on Facebook before it "sold out" and love to remind you about it. This special user has also likely moved on the next new shiny social service that you might hear about in 18 months from now.
Or woman, of course! These users tend to avoid technology but fell in love with social media the moment they realized they could keep in touch with their family members from every corner of the world as if they were right across the street.
a publication or broadcast that carries advertising
a mode of artistic expression or communication
something (as a magnetic disk) on which information may be stored
role of society
community experts
professionals (doctor, lawyer, scientist)
professionals associations (APA, WHO)
mass media
social network (bloggers, etc.)
This person looks at social media in the most practical way possible: a means to communicate with other people. Long before the days of cellphone memory, these people swore by having a little black book full of phone numbers!

This breed of social media user never seems to stop showing you how small the world is by getting tagged in pictures with seemingly every person you've ever met. If you want to know how popular they are, just check their Facebook wall!

That person that always manages to cross that line from unpleasant opposition to downright hate speech, no matter how sensitive or irrelevant the issue. These people aren't worth any more time than it takes to hit the "block" button.
A wonderful breed of user that truly makes the social media world go round. Bonded by passion, this type of social media user focuses their time on exploring and sharing their passion with others online.
require presentation of
, and color-coded
to help them organize data
learn best when they
their teacher speaking, or when they listen to
recorded audio
of a lecture
work best for them, and they don't mind reading through long texts because they can take notes well
activities that
them and let them work with others and with their hands will improve understanding of a lesson or topic
People media and visual media
People media and text media
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