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How the egg baby project works:

No description

Green Orange

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of How the egg baby project works:

A cracked egg with a baby get it egg baby because it is a egg that has a baby in it. (EGG BABY.)
The project: EGG PROJECT
This is important.
This project seems to help in may ways prevent pregnancy because it provides :

1. Shows how much time it takes to take care of the baby.
2. Shows how many responsible' s it takes to take care of a baby.
3. Show how much energy it take it take care of a baby.
He wants food
If you do the egg baby project:
1.You would always take the baby every where you go no matter what your doing.
2. If you are a school the only time you are allowed to leave your baby is during P.E.
3. If your baby brakes you would have to fill out a accident report.
4. You would supply your own egg.

Other information about the project:
How the egg baby project works:
Freedom from the baby:
You have to basically do everything with him/her, so your basically with them unless you get a baby sitter/parent to help.
What the egg project includes:
Additional to the last slide.
New Born baby! Shhhhhh!
1. http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/curr128.shtml
1. When people first do the project they think its easy, but it is not you actually have to treat it like a real child well at least need to try to. This will project seems to help stop pregnancy.
You have to do that for all activities and they have to sign a paper to state that they babysat.
When I did the project we had to follow:
1. If someone else broke your egg besides your parent or guardian they will be written up.
2. If your egg baby gets taken away by another teacher you will get a zero on you grade.
3.You will have to take care of the baby for a week or two.
4. If you break your egg baby you will be able to get make a new one, but you would have to supply your own egg.
(Do not need)
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