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Colonial America Project

Joe Nasta

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Delaware

Delaware What was life like in the colony? What did the people in Delaware do to make money? People in colonial Delaware made money in various different ways:
They grew tobacco
Built ships
Traded fur
Iron working Delaware was a slave society. The colony imported a large amount of slaves to work their tobacco plantations. Specialty foods in Delaware included peaches and oysters Delaware consisted of a mixture of religions due to it being a religiously tolerant colony. Due to Delaware being a middle colony, the climate was ideal for agriculture. Farmers grew various vegetables, corn and grain. The potent forests of Delaware also allowed them to trade lumber for money. There was no formal education system in Delaware; Settlers were taught by the parents and/ or what little books they had. Peter Minuit LEADERS of DELAWARE - the founder of Delaware
1638 Peter Minuit William Penn was given the ownership of Delaware
by James the Duke of York in the
year 1682 William Penn Lord de la Warr Delaware was named after him Lord de la Warr DELAWARE and its Neighbors Maryland
New Jersey
Pennsylvania Maryland Between 1669 and 1672,
Delaware was an incorporated
county under the province of
Maryland. Pennsylvania In 1681, King Charles II
handed over a large piece
of American land holdings
to William Penn to satisfy a
dept the king owed to Penn's father.
This land included Pennsylvania and
Delaware New Jersey In 1667, a group of Quakers
including Penn purchased
half of the current state
New Jersey They were all connected by
William Penn an English real
estate entrepreneur,
philosopher, and the founder
of the Province of Pennsylvania Climate and Geography Delaware was a middle colony. Middle colonies benefited from warmer climates and very fertile planting grounds. Because of this, Delaware was able to prosper through agriculture. by Tajirah Whyte, Joe Nasta and Anastasia Elliott You will be educated on The first attempt by the Dutch to establish a colony was initially well received by the Native Americans however a misunderstanding over a piece of tin took place which resulted in the entire colony being wiped out. When William Penn was established as the proprietor he made an effort to respect the needs of the Indians as a proper Quaker would have been expected to. As time went on Europeans became more and more demanding and the natives left for the west. Coexisting with Native Americans Delaware and Great Britain The Delaware colony had a peaceful relationship for the most part with Great Britain. They expressed little to no interest in independence in the early stages of the American Revolution, and profited from overseas trading ties with Great Britain. (The Economy in Colonial Delaware) The Colonial Delaware economy was mostly based on trading, natural resources and farming. How were the towns organized in Colonial Delaware? Because the lower counties of Delaware were similar to the other southern colonies in the sense that they were leaning more towards loyalist beliefs, the Delaware colonists weren't at first so keen on breaking away from the British rule. Due to the loyalty of the southern counties of Delaware to the British crown, Delaware was given more rights and freedoms then some of the other colonies. The Dutch were the first to colonize present day Delaware.
But most of the original settlers died within the first year from violent disputes between themselves and the natives in the area.
Later in 1648 the Swedish established a colony and trading post at Fort Christina or what is known as today as Wilmington.
This Swedish colony lasted for 17 years before the Dutch re-conquered the land and build what is present day New Castle.
In 1664 the English gained control of Delaware over the Dutch, and thus it became a colony under the British control. The towns in colonial Delaware we're basically formed around water sources where they utilized the power of the steams and rivers to power mills where they refined grains and other crops they grew into useable/sell able products, as well as use the power to help assist people who worked in the fields of blacksmithing and lumbering.
The towns or villages also had plantations that they used to grow their cash crops.
British settlers in the colonies were encouraged to in a way sponsor less wealthy English still in England o come over seas and work as indentured laborers. As "reward" to the colonists who did this, they were rewarded with 50 acres of land, hence why farming was a major job in not only colonial Delaware but the other colonies of the New world. Additional Information about Delaware. Colonial Attire Colonial Mens attire Colonial Woman's attire Colonial Woman's attire
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