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Proficiency Prez

A presentation about the proposed changes to the proficiency requirment, to our advisory committee, 2/19/10

Harlan Howe

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of Proficiency Prez

Proficiency Requirement created
Turn on computer?
Open a file?
Copy between disks?
Understand what an application is? Proficiency Test updated
Save files to a server
Use email
Word, Powerpoint, Excel
Databases Proficiency Test updated
"Practical" test
Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Evaluate web pages Proficiency Requirement retired
Deemed Redundant
No student can get through Kinkaid without being proficient
Data from Curriculum mapping presented to Board of Trustees ? Technology skills areas
Publish/Solicit feedback/Reflect The plan, so far: Instead of the proficiency test, a proficiency project
One time during school career - preferably early!
Students paired with a teacher to design project incorporating some of the areas of interest above
Most of the projects likely to be expanded from existing assignments
Goal: "computer proficiency" demonstrated through meaningful application
A Brief History What we need: An effective Rubric
A way to manage the manpower issues of helping these students Scenarios
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