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No description

Pamela Ordanza

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Precisionism

Precisionism December 2012-January 2013 $26 The Philippine's bestselling art magazine COUNTDOWN! Precisionist painters Precisionism
Art Movement PRECISIONISM Artistic movement emerged
in the U.S. after the ww1 Influenced by cubism
& futurism The style was sometimes
called "sharp-focus realism Precisionist Precisionists never formally
organized themselves as a
group or issued a manifesto;
instead, they were associated
through their common style
and subjects. Precision artists considered
themselves strictly American
and tried to avoid European
artistic influences. Borrowed freely from recent
movements in European art Development The movement was christened
"Precisionism" in 1927, by
Alfred H. Barr Precisionists focused on
urban settings Figures rarely appeared in
Precisionist paintings, and
there is little overt social
comment The Precisionism painting
movement coincided with the
highpoint of utopian confidence
in machines and machinery TOP PRECISIONIST ARTISTS Charles Demuth I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold, 1928 Buildings Abstraction 1930 Sailboats and Roofs 1918 Acrobats 1919 My Egypt 1927 Georgia O'Keeffe We would like to thank the forever reliable WORLD WIDE WEB for all the contents in this report. Themes: Modernization and
Industrialization of
American landscape New York Street no.1 1926 The shelton with sunspots 1926 Radiator Building, Night New York-1927 Pink Dish and Green Leaves-1928 New York Night-1929 Brooklyn Bridge-1949 Charles Sheeler American Nude-1918-19 Church Street E1-1920 Criss-crossed Conveyors, Ford Plant-1927 Upper Deck-1929 Classic Landscape-1931 Rolling Power-1939 George Copeland Ault View from Brooklyn-1927 Cames House-1934 Studio Interior-1938 Sculpture on a Roof-1945 In the West-1945 Bright Light at Russell's Corners-1946 Manhattan Mosaic-1947 Elsie Driggs Pittsburgh-1927 The Javits Center-1926 Queensborough Bridge-1927 Aeroplane-1928 Francis Hayman Criss Waterfront The Railroads Learn from War Jefferson Market Courthouse-1935 Morning in Florence Sixth Avenue Edmund Lewandowski Fisherman's Village-1937 Petrol Terminal#2 Charleston Marina Dynamo-1948 Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse Blast Furnace Cooling-1975
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