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Writing Radio Ads that People will Listen to

No description

Tara Tyler

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Writing Radio Ads that People will Listen to

Writing Radio Ads that People will Actually Listen to
Understand How People Listen
Radio is usually listened to while commuting, cooking, driving, working out, etc. Your ad is competing with external factors. Get a listener's attention by appealing directly to them. Make them feel special, like this ad is just for their ears.

Know Your Time Constraints!
Know Your Demo
Using Your Precious Air Time Wisely
Start with WHY!
(stolen from Simon Sinek)
What are your goals with this campaign?
Branding vs. Sale
Effective frequency

Presented by:
Before joining VoiceBunny, Tara was a Production Manager and Creative Services Director for 10+ years throughout the U.S. She wrote, voiced, and produced radio ads for clients all over the country.
Tara Tyler, Head of Communications, VoiceBunny
Brian Clark, Founder & CEO, CopyBlogger
Brian Clark is a serial entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. Advertising Age ranks Copyblogger as a top marketing blog in its Power150 list. The Guardian named Copyblogger one of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs.
"You hear that dear?! They're conveniently located, just 20 miles away!"
"and they've been in business for 6 years as opposed to 5!"
"I'm sure glad they listed all the kinds of ladders they sell, Pop! How informative!"
"and that 'for all your ladder needs at the end...I was on the fence about Wilbur's Ladder City until he said that!"
What's your P1's name?
Where does he/she live?
Do they work? Where?
What do they worry about?
What is their biggest problem that you can solve for them right now?
How can you bring value to them?

Remember, listeners are often distracted, so spitting as much info as possible at them is not effective. Talk TO them, not AT them.

180 words = ~60 seconds
90 words = ~30 seconds
Let's Help Wibur!
With this branding ad, he wants to create top-of-mind awareness for commercial ladder buyers.
Targets (P1's) - Contractors, business owners - B2B vs. B2C ads
Problems - need a specialty ladder, bulk
Why buy from Wilbur instead of Walmart, Home Depot, etc.? Save time and money with Wilbur!

Let's Help Wilbur!
How do business owners listen?
When are they listening?
Wilbur asks his best customers (not himself or friends and family) their listening habits.
Let's Help Wilbur!
Wilbur asks his best customers what stations they listen to (not himself, friends, & family). Many listen to talk radio, specifically a show about business and finance in the mornings.
The host records a 15 and 30 spot talking about how he knows Wilbur and trusts him and considers Wilbur's Ladder City the best choice.
Anna Piazza, Community Manager, Spreaker

Anna is a killer copywriter and an art connoisseur. Spreaker is the largest community of broadcasters,
producers, and musicians.
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