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Ethos, Pathos, Logos - Independent Lesson

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Laura Garcia

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of Ethos, Pathos, Logos - Independent Lesson

Today we are learning about...
or at least how to create a good one.
Once upon a time, there
was this guy named Aristotle.
He was born in Greece in 384 B.C.
He was really smart.
I love Greece!
Do YOU know what "metaphysics" means? I do.
And gave advice to lots of big shots.
Hey Alex, go with "Alexander the Great." It rolls off the tongue better.
In 335 B.C. he opened up his own school in Athens.
Geometry is
No, it's
One of Aristotle's greatest
contributions to society was
his understanding of RHETORIC.
"The use of language
for persuasion."
Aristotelean rhetoric has 3 parts...

This form of rhetoric relies on the identity of the speaker.

Do you trust them?
Are they an expert in their field?

If so, then they can use a strong sense of ETHOS in their argument.
For example, which of the following people can use ETHOS to give us advice on how to be a successful member of society?

This form of rhetoric relies on appealing to your audience on an emotional level.

How does their argument make you feel? Sad? Angry? Excited?

If so, then they are using a strong sense of PATHOS in their argument.
Which of the following correctly uses a strong sense of PATHOS to convince you to do the following:

Adopt a dog.

This form of rhetoric is related to logic. Using logos means that you are appealing to your audience with facts or logical explanations.

A=B B=C Therefore A=C
10 students went to the ballgame but only 8 returned home, therefore 2 students are missing.
Water freezes at 32 degrees, therefore my ice maker needs to be colder than 32 degrees.
Studies done in multiple environments throughout the U.S. have shown that students retain information better with short 1-week breaks scattered throughout the year than those who have a block of 8 weeks off at any given time.
We should have every other week off because kids like it better.
Bill Gates
Lindsay Lohan
Which of the following is a more LOGICAL
explanation of why we should have year
round schooling?
How does this help us in
the real world anyway?
I receive about 20-30 emails a day in my school email account.

Sometimes they're from my boss.

Sometimes they're from my students.

Sometimes someone just lost their keys. Again.

The POINT, however, is that each of those 20-30 emails has an average of 3.7 seconds to get its idea across to me and persuade me to keep reading it. Otherwise...

I delete it.
Which form of rhetoric does each email most likely rely on?
Alright, bad news guys.

It's midnight and you forgot that you have an essay due tomorrow. You know that if you start now, your essay will be horrible. A waste of time. An embarassment to your family's honor.

So what do you do...

What. Do. You. Do.

You decide to ask me,
in my infinite kindness and benevolence,
to give you an extension.
You act
Now what?
Turn to a partner near you. Between the two of you, write me an email that uses ethos, pathos, AND logos to convince me to give you an extension on your paper. Don't forget your subject line.

After all, it is MIDNIGHT the day before the paper is due. You're going to need to pull out all the stops.

Be prepared to read it aloud.
Argumentation is all around us!

But it doesn't always look like this.
Sometimes it looks like this.
Or maybe it looks like this.
Or maybe it looks like this.
It can even simply look like this.
Where do you think
we see argumentation
the most?
What do commercials seem to rely on the least?
Where do YOU use ethos, pathos, and logos on a daily basis?
What arguments are being made in these examples?
A few Email and Letter Writing Etiquette Tips
1. Always have a subject title
2. Always include your name in the email itself.
3. Always include a salutation (ex. Dear _____, Hello _____, Good afternoon ______,)
4. Triple check your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
5. Double check your tone! You want to come off as polite and not pushy!
What does this look
like in writing?
The topic of charter schools and vouchers is an ongoing debate that is currently being argued in places from the local school board meetings to state supreme courts. Both charter schools and school voucher programs are collectively referred to as “school choice” initiatives, in that they allow parents to choose educational options for their children that are outside of the traditional public school system.
a school voucher program provides Parents with sertifikates
that they re used to pay for education at a school of their choice. , rather than the public school to which they are assigned. However the Charter School i attend on the other hand are publicley funded schoools that have been freed from some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other Public Schools in exchange, charter schools have specialized accountability for producing certan results, which are set forth in each school’s Charter.
What does this look like in writing?
While it is true that employees who make errors should be reprimanded, let us pause and think for a while about the consequences of firing them. Employees with meager salaries barely have enough to sustain the needs of their families. Their only source of living is their job. If they are immediately fired from their jobs just because of mistakes from the performance of their duties, we effectively cut them off from their life-source. In these trying times, finding another job is as difficult as keeping one, if not more. Who will then feed their families if they are no longer employed? Imagine their small children starving, and their fathers and mothers barely able to buy them ample food. Who will then pay their monthly rents for their houses? Imagine a family living on the street in a snow drift. Only a heartless human being can take all these for granted. While it is true that erring employees should be reprimanded, they should not be fired immediately from their work.
You may know this as "credibility of the speaker", "emotional appeal", and "logical appeal."
Which of the following people can use ETHOS to give us advice on how to be a successful member of society?
Which of the following correctly uses a strong sense of PATHOS to convince you to do the following:

Adopt a dog.
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