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Microsoft Dynamics

Marketing strategy for new retail soultions

Carl Kerchmar

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft Dynamics

Get in contact with Microsoft's network.
Make a list of dream partner VAR's that are local
and industry specific. Capgemini, Logica, Mckinsey.
Get in the loop with events, Tweets and mailinglists from
desired VAR's.
Research the Market, other ISV's and VAR's.
How are other ISV's working and where do they
engage with VAR's?
Establish the value proposition and USP.
Plan a VAR engagement strategy.
Develop a Tool Kit that supports VAR's ability to give complete off the shelf solutions.
Build an industry specific social network and host regular events.
Look for venues and appoint sales representatives to host and engage with VAR's.
Build in a dialgue and feedback system for relationship building.
Appoint a representative, 'the go to guy' for potential VAR.
"A 5% improvement in customer retention rates will yield between 25 to 100% increase in profits across a wide range of industries."
Fred Reichfeld, Loyalty Effect.

Build relationships with your Partners by:
Staying in the loop with their company's activities.
Visit each other, have lunch talk about trends and developments.
Build CSR projects together.
Create incentive / commission schemes to reward sales.
Articles and case studies in industry journals are obvious, also find To-Increase in stories that are showcasing Green and CSR achievements in mainstream publications.

Personify To-Increase, the company is more than a solution, it's a relationship.

Keep an active Social Media ecosystem that links blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Update the site regularily with material from the industry and Partners, not only To-Increase.
Social Network
To-Increase develops an ecosystem
here, ideas and opportunities get
shared and contacts stay warm
before and after events.
Appoint a
Go-to-Guy the
Partner can
count on.
Invest in customer
relationships and keep
dialouges active: Community
Vertical Sustainable Warehouse / Retail Solution.
by To-Increase for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and e-Con

• Designed for Global Retailers with Stores, Supply Chains and Online Shoping. This is an End to End solution that maximizes efficiency with Green and CSR built in.
G-Tail Online
Vertical Sustainable Warehouse / Retail Solution.
by To-Increase for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and e-Con

• Designed for Global Retailers with Stores, Supply Chains and Online Shoping. This is an End to End solution that maximizes efficiency with Green and CSR built in.

Use the check list below to tick off where you can save
on your business and the planet.

Chosing To-Increase is the highest quality of software and support.

Your Growth. Our Goal
G-Tail Online
Use Microsoft Dynamics AX and the back side of this
belly band to save the world by shopping.

You're retail enterprise can't afford not to.

Make it functional so you can continue the dialogue:
• Fill the back side with a checklist with dynamics features that customers / Partners can use to see what is right for them and how much impact AX, NAV or e-Con could have
on their business and our planet.
Chosing To-Increase is the highest quality of End-to-End software solutions and support. Apply via our Social Network and stay on top of your industry, and your beach chair. See you in Malta.

Your Growth. Our Goal
Our Awards your Rewards
2009 Microsoft ISV of the Year • 2010 Partners Event
See the back side for you invite, voucher and program.
Your Growth. Our Goal
Use the Network to
organize monthly events
and activities.

Get special guests to tell
about their business stories,
become a talk show and
keep partners tuned in.
Keep the Partner's
Tool Kit updated. The
easier and faster he can
get customers going the
more sales he will make.
Match it with commission
Be active in Partner's
"We believe we can integrate any POS system into our framework within 1 to 3 weeks."
Erik Hoiden
Summary View

How can I sell more at less cost and still help the planet?


Empower our Partners to meet the needs of the marketplace that is increasingly regulated and influenced by Green and Social policy. To-Increase has an End-to-End vertical solution that brings your retail operation into an increased performance level that saves energy, maximizes green opportunities and equates it back into your CSR program. You, your customers and the planet can share the benefits.


Global retail enterprises that operate with a conscious green and social responsibility agenda. Companies that want to turn Green regulation in their favor and see a performance incentive in a 'Cradle to Cradle' approach in their supply chains. G-Tail Online is Green retail with a significant online presence.

Invite Partners and potential Partners to an information event where demonstrations and opportunities will be explored. Instill confidence and clarity about G-Tail Online and match up
To-Increase representatives with Partners. Celebrate the launch of a new forum space on the social network with extra features that link Partners in an aggregate CSR / Green index.


Lead the world in sustainable vertical solutions for global retail and give Partners the ability to deliver ready to go products to their customers. Together we can improve business performance and extend the bottom line to include Green standards.

Your not alone. As a Partner you have an industry specific tool kit, direct contact to a regular To-Increase representative and full access to the Social Network. We look forward to meeting you again and extend our invitations to you for the regular network events in your local areas and our yearly world Partner event in Malta.


It's time to make vertical solutions in retail a synonym with Green and Social business. We forecast increased mainstream media coverage over time with the implementation of G-Tail Online. The system is built with tools enabling local / industry crowd sourcing, Twitter, online collaboration, economies of scale and barter in addition to standard Dynamics AX features. Partners together with To-Increase and Microsoft Dynamics can anticipate favorable conditions ahead.
Carl Kerchmar approached the Tasks by studying the market.
What are competitors like SAP doing and how does Microsoft
support it's ISV's. The marketing plan below is a template from the
Microsft Dynamics marketing campaign tool kit, I used it as a starting
point and added To-Increase's and my insights to it.

The product G-Tail Online references opportunities in sustainability and
CSR. My additions to the Microsoft marketing template emphasize potential
with social media and personal relationship development with Partners. I
created the To-Increase Social Network templates in NING.

I felt that the Belly Bands should be useful and held on too and not opened
to be thrown away. To-Increase will continue to grow and be number 1.
Marketing Associate EMEA Tasks
by Carl Kerchmar
Marketing Project
Lets get Partners aware and
excited about Malta, lets build
up interest and connectivity via social
media, attend similar events like
Atlanta and keep contacts warm with
calls, emails and community events.
Ensure a steady stream of relevent
content coming on the web. Build a
Brand Personlaity that is both excellent
in technique and product support.
To-Increase is a superior product that
will become the ISV of choice.
Executive Brief G-Tail Online
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