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No description

erika steinger

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of 9/14

"I have a dream"
American Dreams
Do Now
Lesson IQ: What was MLK Jr.'s dream for America and how does it compare to our own?

Prompt: Describe a dream or wish that you have for our country. Is it realistic? Why is the dream you chose so important to you?
Thursday, September 14th
Baptist and civil rights activist
Nobel Peace Prize
Helped to end segregation
Assassinated in 1968
"i have a dream" -1963
Dogs and fire hoses turned on demonstrators, including families
Drew nationwide attention to the cause
Blacks and whites alike criticized MLK for endangering supporters
We know, but what was it?
Annotate the text for the MAIN IDEA
What was MLK Jr.'s dream?
Based on what you've read so far, how does MLK Jr.'s concept of the American Dream relate to your own? Explain
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