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You Tube Paper Projects

No description

Elise Elliot

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of You Tube Paper Projects

Paper Shirt and Tye
My Video
What Are The Steps ?
1st take your paper after making into a square
Time For The Tie!!!!!!
The Finished (and glued) pictured
How Would I Extend?
If I were able to extend the project with more time I would add more details and designs to my project, such as designs, and print, or pockets to my project. In other words I would add some of my own things and detail to the project
Why This?!?!?!
I chose this project because it looked cool and fun and i wanted to try something new
YouTube Paper Projects
Challenges ???

The Challenges of this project were folding down the collar and gluing the tye... i used stubborn paper
Another challenge was keeping up with my video
2nd start folding your paper into a rectangular shape
After folding down your collar and bending the sharp edges, your shirt is finished
1st take a small square and fold into a triangle (square will be smaller)
2nd take the triangle and unfold it, then fold the edges inside and fold the top of the tie down and forwards.
Lastly you have to glue the tie under the shirt collar
Chosen Project:
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