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Water Pollution and Contamination of the Great Lakes

By: Vidisha Shakya BIO 457

Vidisha Shakya

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Water Pollution and Contamination of the Great Lakes

Water Pollution and Contamination of the Great Lakes By:Vidisha Shakya Why is this important? Humans
Aquatic life
Environment Who is affected by it? It is contaminating our drinking water

Poses a threat to our health

The public water suppliers monitors for the quality of water before it is sent to the tap

The presences of lead in our drinking water How does this affect us? The Great Lakes are a huge source of water and the largest system of freshwater in the world

It contains 21% of Earth's and 84% of the United States surface freshwater

Large quantities of pollutants are being emptied into the Great Lakes

Harmful substances like pharmaceutical products such as steroids and non-prescription drugs, personal care products, organic and inorganic chemical substances like mercury and PCBs, plasticizers, pesticides, human waste, and toxic metals Background info!!! It is important because water serves many different purposes in agriculture, household, industrial, and environmental activities

Has become a central issue in our society today

It is destroying our ecosystems The Great Lakes are home for many different species

Contains high levels of PCB's and mercury

Humans get exposed to toxic substances by consuming these fish

Toxic pollutants and chemical contaminants altering the genetic makeup of organisms resulting in death or deformities

If a person ate one meal of lake trout from Lake Michigan it would expose a person to more PCBs in one meal than lifetime of drinking water from the lake How does this affect marine life? How does this affect our environment? Polluted water increases the incidence of waterborne diseases

Pathogens mostly associated with human and animal wastes

Polluting beach water

Various illnesses are associated with polluted beach water- respiratory infection, stomach flu, skin rashes, meningitis, and hepatitis Sewage and water treatment
Changing industrial activities
Green Infrastructure How to prevent it? Literature cited Dorfman M, Rosselot KS. 2011. Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches. The Natural Resources Defense Council [Internet]. [cited 2012 Sept 3]; 1-42. Available from: http://www.nrdc.org/water/oceans/ttw/ttw2011.pdf Fields S. 2005. Great Lakes Resource at Risk. Environmental Health Perspectives. 113(3): 164-173. Gilbertson M. 1999. Water Quality Objectives: Yardsticks of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Environmental Health Perspectives. 107(3): 239-241. Klaper R, Welch LC. 2011. Emerging Contaminant Threats and the Great Lakes: Existing science, estimating relative risks and determining policies. Alliance for the Great Lakes [Internet]. [cited 2012 Sept 3]; 1-30. Available from: http://www.greatlakes.org/Document.Doc?id=1072 Nathan VR. 2006. Drinking water in Michigan: source, quality, and contaminants. Journal of water and Health [Internet]. [cited 2012 Sept 3]; 4: 67-73. Available from:http://www.iwaponline.com/jwh/004/S067/004S067.pdf SDWF: The Great Lakes [Internet]. Safe Drinking Water Foundation. [cited 2012 Sept 3]. Available from: http://www.safewater.org/PDFS/resourcesknowthefacts/TheGreatLakes.pdf GLIN.net: Water Pollution in the Great Lakes [Internet]. c1993-2012 Great Lakes Information Network: [cited 2012 Sept 3]. Available from: http://www.great-lakes.net/teach/pollution/water/water1.html U.S. EPA: The Effects of Great Lakes Contaminates on Human Health [Internet]. 2012. Great Lakes Human Health Program; [last updated 2012 June 25; cited 2012 Sept 3]. Available from: http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/health/atsdr-ref.htm
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