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Working Principle of 4 stroke petrol engine

No description

hareesh k

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Working Principle of 4 stroke petrol engine


Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Vidya Academy Of Science and Technology,
Thalakkottukara po,
Thrissur. ENGINE PARTS We can make use of a block diagram to explain the working of a
four stroke petrol engine. Intake or Suction stroke
the piston moves from T.D.C to B.D.C. The inlet valve is open and
proportionately fuel – air is sucked in the engine cylinder. Compression
The mixtures are placed under pressure. The piston moves towards T.D.C
and compresses the enclosed fuel-air mixture. The pressure of mixture rises
up to 8 bars. At the end of compression stroke, spark plug initiates spark
which ignites the mixture. Combustion/Expansion
The mixture is burnt, almost invariably a deflagration, although a few
systems involve detonation. The hot mixture is expanded, pressing on and
moving parts of the engine and performing useful work. Here the piston
moves towards the B.D.C Exhaust
The cooled combustion products are exhausted into the atmosphere
through exhaust valve. An Internal Combustion Engines is a heat engine which converts
the heat energy released by the combustion of fuel taking place
inside the engine cylinder into mechanical work I.C. Engines are classified according to Type of fuel used Number of strokes Two Four Body Otto cycle Diesel Cycle Dual combustion cycle Petrol Diesel Gas Nature of thermodynamic cycle
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