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Pop Art- Roy Lichtenstein

No description

Alyssa Parr

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Pop Art- Roy Lichtenstein

Pop Art Roy Lichtenstein Primary colors

Black outline

Ben-day dots Began in the late 1950's in America Re-examines popular culture What is popular culture? A trend, item, idea, etc. that is preferred or loved by the masses. What is YOUR popular culture? Used the old-fashioned comic strip as the source of inspiration.

He was heavily influenced by comic book style and popular advertising. Made precise paintings that were both a documentary and a parody. Ben-day dots Review:

What is popular culture?

What did pop artists try to do?

What was Roy Lichtenstien's source of inspiration? Pop art takes everyday objects, advertisements, popular culture, and consumer products and makes art work about them. Pop artists wanted to challenge what people thought was 'art.' For your next project..... You will be creating a painting based on Roy Liechtenstein's style and Pop Art. You will choose an item from popular culture.

On a piece of sketch paper, think about how you want your painting to look. Sketch your ideas. Plan out your colors.

Your painting MUST have at least the following for full points:

1. An item that reflects popular culture.
2. The primary colors (you may use other colors as well.)
3. Ben-day dots.
4. A black outline around all edges.
5. A thought bubble or action word with a word or phrase in it. Examples of text and action words....
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