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Road To Confederation: End of Reciprocity

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Jason Han

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Road To Confederation: End of Reciprocity

The Who, What, When. Where and Why. Road To Confederation: End of Reciprocity Who? Why? The Who are the British North American colonies
and the United States. When? Where? They began the reciprocity treaty because the British and Americans both wanted each other's resources for building, food, shelter, and etc. The Reciprocity Treaty had ended because it passed it's Annexation bill and also due to economic and political
issues between the British and Americans. What? There was a reciprocity treaty in 1854 between the U.S and
British North America for a large degree of free trade between
the United States and British North America.

In 1866 the United States & the British North American colonies canceled the treaty at the same time it passed it's annexation
bill. They had canceled it because the British was the only nation benefiting from it and also, the Americans were mad because the British helped out the South in the Civil War. The reciprocity treaty had went on for 12 years (1854-1866)
until they canceled it due to issues between the British and
the Americans. This had resulted in a sudden loss of favorable items between the British and Americans. This event occurred in North America . End of Reciprocity: How it Played A Role To Confederation This had played a role in the confederation because British North America repealed the Corn Laws in 1846 which had ensured a safe market for the products of Canada. But two decades later the Americans were rising from economy and turning it around Canada so they needed to unite and seek their economical well being together, thus leading to the Confederation. Was This An Interior or Exterior Factor To The Confederation? This was an interior factor. It was an interior factor because when they were starting to unite it happened inside Canada.
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