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Baroque Music Project

No description

Susanna S

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Baroque Music Project

Baroque At the age of 18, Bach decided to become an organist.
He got married to his cousin, Maria Barbara. The happiest period of Bach’s life was his time spent as KAPELLMEISTER or Director of Music at the court of Anhault Cothen. Bach's second wife, Anna Magdalena.was a professional singer. Bach wrote the famous Clavier-Büchlein, a book of keyboard pieces and songs for her. It contained music by himself and other composers, including Bach's oldest son Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Baroque is a period of artistic styles which followed the Renaissance era. Baroque started in the 1600 in Rome Italy and spread out to most of Europe. The Baroque era ended in around 1750. "Baroque" was more applying to art rather than music during this time. It was only in the 20th century when "Baroque" referred to a time in music history. Fact: The word "baroque" came from the Italian word "barocco" meaning bizarre. Baroque Paintings Baroque Architecture The description of the building in the Baroque era is called Baroque architecture. Paintings from the 1600s, all throughout
17 century and into the early 18 century is considered a 'Baroque' painting. Bibliography http://library.thinkquest.org/15413/history/history-bar.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque Baroque music Johann Sebastian Bach is a composer from the Baroque era. Baroque music is very intense. Baroque era emphasized the contrast of volume, texture and pace of music in comparison of the late Renaissance era. Baroque music has a Polyphonic music style, and it was in the Baroque era when the writing of fugues became central to composition. Johann Sebastian Bach,
George Frideric Handel,
Alessandro Scarlatti,
Antonio Vivaldi,
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Henry Purcell. Famous composers of the Baroque era Johann Sebastian Bach Cornetto Sackbut Keyboards

Fortepiano – early version of piano
Organ Clavichord Baroque Art Here are some Characteristics of Baroque Architecture:

Twisted columns, sometimes simply for decoration
More curves instead of straight lines
Highly decorative details and ornaments
Appearance of movement
Towers or domes
A lot of windows
Broad naves
Ceiling frescos
Optical illusions
Blending of paintings and architecture The Smolny Convent, St. Petersburg Russia Baroque Fashion Baroque The Baroque Economy Although the condition of the Baroque economy varied in terms of each country, overall, rich people are more favored than the poor people.
Some major events that happened in the Baroque era includes the end of the nearly three-hundred year old Ming Dynasty and the founding of the Manchu Dynasty in China. Many wars took place during this time. Turks and Crete. Poland and the Holy Roman Empire. He learned how to play the violin and organ when he joined the church choir. He had 7 children with Maria Barbara, and another 13 more with his second wife, Anna Magdelena. Bach took extra work to increase his income, since he had a such large family. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque_painting Baroque paintings are usually painted with rich and deep colours. It's also painted with intense light and dark shadows. Baroque artists usually paint the most dramatic part of the event. Famous Baroque artists:
-Jean de Beaugrand
-Georges de La Tour
-Rembrandt van Ri jn
-Jan Brueghel the Elder The Night Watch- By Rembrandt van Rijn Saint Joseph
Georges de La Tour. The Entry of the Animals Into
Noah's Ark- 1613
Jan Brueghel the Elder. Scientific and Philosophical development. Gravity was discovered in the Baroque era, by the well known Sir Isaac Newton. Everybody knows about the story of the apple tree, right? From 1600s to 1650s in the Western European Clothing, men and women liked broad laces and linen collars. Reputed descendants of Newton's apple tree, Ruff, a small piece of fabric that wraps around the neck, was out of style in the Baroque era. Another thing that characterized the
Baroque fashion is slashed sleeves and
broad hats with brims. Opera Opera was established in the Baroque era.
Some of the earlier operas includes:

"Dafne" and "L'Euridice"by Jacopo Peri

"Ottone in villa" by Antonio Vivaldi Baroque Instruments http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1600%E2%80%931650_in_fashion CDs:
Bach-Master Musician (Baroque) 3
Bach- Baroque Masterpieces (Baroque) 2 Other Famous Composers of the Baroque era Invention No.13 in A minor by J.S.Bach Antonio Vivaldi (Famous for his "Four Seasons") George Fridereick Handel (Successful for his "Messiah") BWV 784 In this piece, Bach expressed the dynamics in this piece quite well,
with forte at the beginning, becoming piano in the middle and ends with
a strong ending. We know that this piece belongs to the Baroque era because:
A) Johann Sebastian Bach is a Baroque composer.
B) The notes are more complicated, with a lot of eighth notes
and even sixteenth notes. Usually, in Baroque music, the
notes are more complicated than other types on music.
There's a lot of slurs at the end of several bars, and crescendo and
decrescendos at the very end. The melody was at the beginning and near the end of this song. All these are characteristics of Baroque Music. THANK YOU EVERYONE By: Susanna JingJing 8E Music Styles Interesting Fact:
An earlier version of this song appeared in Clavier-Büchlein. Book:
Celebration Series perspectives- piano repertoire 8 Woodwinds

Baroque flute
Cortol (Oboe family)
Baroque oboe
Recorder Brasses

Baroque trumpet
Sackbut (Trombone) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque_architecture
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