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Copy of World Map

No description

Claudia Bonaparte

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of World Map

World Development
By: Simone, Romy, John and Claudia
United Kingdom
EQ: How do geographic, economic, political and social factors impact the development and identity of a nation?
77% urban, 23% rural
25.5% arable land, 34 million acres
Three branches of government: legislative, executive, judicial

81% urban
19% rural
Nickel, copper, gold,diamonds, fish, natural gas,silver,zinc.
3.855 million sq miles.
Has a prime minister in every province.
Elected by the residents of the province.
Queen Elizabeth serves as head state.

Arable and Farmland
Trading partners with:
United States
United Kingdom
GDP: $1821.4 billions
GDP per Capita: $43,400
Social and Cultural
Works Consulted
Spain Current Event:
High unemploeyement rates and recession
Reforms being made- 25,000 new jobs a month
People registered as unemplyed dropped in December by 107,570
In whole of 2013: dropped 147,385
Youth: 9.6% drop
Youth unemploeyement- still very high

Greece Current Event:
United Kingdom Current Event:
Many products, both industrial and agricultural
All citizens 18+ can vote
All citizens have guarenteed rights
GDP of $30, 108
Has a variety of powerful trading partners
Has excess materials to export
Agricultural Products
19.4% arable land.
Has parliamentary system.
Constitutional monarch.
Monarchy is the foundation of executive, legislative and judicial branches.

All the individual countries have support from the other countries of the UK
GDP per capita: $24,900
Map of the UK
GDP per capita
Industrial products
Natural Resources
Industrial Products
High electrical power consumption
Trading partners:
Birth Rate
Population Growth Rate
Map of GDPs per capita in Europe, where the darker the color, the higher the GDP. Spain is the darkest shade of green, indicating that its people are well off.
The government of Spain is well organized with three branches to make sure all jobs get done efficiently.
Prime Minister David Cameron

Queen Elizabeth
Constitutional monarchy
David Cameron
Queen Elizabeth
Northern Ireland conflict between Catholics and Protestants
Religious war between Irish Catholics and Protestants since 1969.
Seventeenth century
English empire started to expand
Settled heavily in Northern Ireland
Most English settlers were Protestant
Most of the original Irish inhabitants were Catholic
Led to many issues, eventually political divides between the religions
Irish Catholics wanted independence from the British,
Protestants both Irish and English feared being under the rule of a Catholic majority.
1921, Northern Ireland part of UK
Ireland declared a free state
1960′s, riots, terrorist attacks, and other bloody violence.
Conflicts continued ever since
Recently violence in downtown Belfast
Protestant militants attacked and wounded fifty six officers
In charge of protecting a parade being held by Irish Republican Army
The militants reportedly wore British flags as capes
Caused damage to public property, such as pavement and scaffolding
Police responded to the attacks with non-lethal means
Stephen Harper; Prime minister of Canada. Queen Elizabeth, serves as head of the state of Canada.

10 provinces and 3 territories.
The ones highlighted are provinces.
The territories are on the northern side of Canada.

Division of Spain's crops. Olives, specialist pigs, and specialist fruit and ciitrus fruit are shown to be among the top produced crops.
GDP of $30, 108
All are developed
Convenient locations
Economically well off
Well-organized governments

All are developed

Current Event:
The economy grew at a rate of 2.5% in the first quarter. The fastest in more than a year. Exports were the largest contributor to growth.
Canada-Europe free trade.
Exporters support the decision
Dairy farmers are against.
Deal gives access to 500 million consumer
Deal removes 98% of EU tariffs.
Final agreement to be ratified in two years.

Unemployment rate 7.2%
Participation rate 66.4%
Land Area
LIfe Expectancy
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GDP in 2008
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