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Fashion of 1900-1910

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Ashleyy Amyraa

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Fashion of 1900-1910

By: Ashley Bailey Fashion of 1900-1910 1900-1910 The time between 1900-1910 was called the Edwarian Era. An era of beautiful clothes and the luxury living for a select few: (the very rich and the very privileged through birth) About Their Outfits . . . Tailored suits were firmly made. The tailor (one who makes fitted clothes for an individual) made the outfits and they were called a costume or a suit, which was made of serge (a type of fabric). This design was first introduced in the 1800's by the House of Redforn. Some complained that the outfits were very uncomfortable. The Women The women found the outfits useful and an all purpose outfit.
Women wore long skirts, long sleeves, high necks, and high button shoes.
At first the jacket was the only thing tailored.
The skirts created a trumpet bell shape. Some versions were less extreme (more slim) over the hips, making it more width at the hemline. The Men The men didn't like their outfits. They thought it was a challenge to their authority. The Children Young children wore copies of the adult clothing.

Except for the girls skirt which weren't as long or big on the waist as the women. After a while the fabric became lighter and more breathable to them. They still wore their three piece suit. Their Hairstyles The hairstyles had lots of style, some pumped a bit with extra volume.
Men mainly had them slicked down.
Women's hair was worn on top of the head, pulled back, or braided because of their clothes and high neck collars.
Back then some even wore hair pieces. Wealthy vs Poor The wealthy and poor people lived right next door to each other although there lives were very different.
For example, in this time of society cars were getting more popular instead of horses and carriages. (motor cars-being the most popular) Motor cars were normally open which created dusty and dirty atmospheres. So, leather travel suits were created to keep your clothes clean while on the road. Some people even wore thick face veils or goggles because of oil splashes. Continuation . . . . Cars were only owned by doctors, lawyers, politicians, or the wealthy. Very little middle class people owned cars. The poor just rode horses or buggys. The city poor either walked, taken the trolley, or some sort of public transportation.
Also other common things like the wealthy had more expensive material (silk). Today, you would rarely find people dressing like how they did in the older days. It may happen at bridal parties or business associations. THE END !!!!
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