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A Pentadic Analysis of Senator Kennedy's Address to the People

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Nicole Justice

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of A Pentadic Analysis of Senator Kennedy's Address to the People

A Pentadic Analysis of Senator Kennedy's Address to the People Brought to you by....

Ava Roxy
Nicole Amir
Blake David The Rhetor...
Edward (Ted) Kennedy was a very successful businessman and political figure. He was the campaign manager John F. Kennedy (his brother) when he ran for the Senate. He also managed Robert Kennedy’s campaign for president against Richard Nixon. He himself became the senator of Massachusetts in 1962.
The Artifact....
Ted Kennedy's Address to the people was in response to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, who died in a car accident in which Kennedy was the driver.

The speech was in response to the incident at Chappaquiddick Island, where after a party, Kennedy offered to take Mary Jo Kopechne (a woman who had been part of the Kennedy campaign staff), back to her hotel.

During the drive, the car careened into a river. Kennedy was able to swim out of the car, but Mary did not. He said that he had repeatedly dove back down to try to rescue her, but was unable to. He then went back to the party and asked for the assistance of two friends to dive down and help Mary again.

When they could not save her, Kennedy returned to his hotel and did not report the incident to the police. He did not report it until after the police found Mary Jo's body the next day. The Artifact....
"All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players." -Shakespeare

Kenneth Burke: Life is a drama

Dramatism: Find the motives behind the actors actions

The Pentad What the hell is a pentad? Pentad:
A pentad is five questions used to discover an actors motives
Similar to a journalist's: who, what, where, why, when, who Burkes Pentad
1. Act: What Happened?
2. Scene: Where is the act taking place? What is the context?
3. Agent: Who is the "star"
4. Agency: By what means does the agent, act?
5. Purpose: Why is this happening? How Does This Relate To Current News? Burke's Pentad can be applied to many current events, to understand how the actor "perceives the world around him" Using Burke's Pentad
Can we find the scene, agent, act, agency, purpose? Apply It
Scene: Repeated infidelities, car accident, media speculation
Agent: Tiger Woods
Act: Multiple Transgressions
Agency: TPC Sawgrass Club House, Ponte Verde Beach, February 19, 2010
Purpose: Moral Duty Assumptions of Dramatism 1. "Language use constitutes action, not motion."

Freedom or Choice

Biological or Animalistic
Bodily Processes
2. "Humans develop and present messages in much the same way that a play is presented."
Rhetoric presents a view just as a play creates a world
Language provides clues to our motives
Description=Perception Dramatism and Burke's Pentad Anaylsis David A. Ling's of Anaylsis of TED KENNEDY'S
july 25th Address Purpose conclusion #1 conclusion #2 David A. Ling Victim of the
Scene Hands of the
People scene
purpose scene
purpose The SCENE The AGENT The ACT The AGENCY The PURPOSE The PURPOSE The AGENCY The ACT The AGENT The SCENE Minimize Kennedy's responsibility of his actions Kennedy's future in hands of the people Events leading to the death of Miss Kopechne Ted Kennedy Failure to report accident immediately Available methods to create a report To fullfill his legal and moral responsibilities Current reactions to the events of July 18th The people of Massachusetts Kennedy's decision on whether to resign Statement of resignation Remove Kennedy from office Kennedy's Future "There has never been a private relationship between us [Kennedy and Kopechne] of any kind." -T. Kennedy Not in control of the scene "I did not report the accident to the police immediately" -T. Kennedy Police report Kennedy was a helpless victim of the scene "whispers" and "innuendo" Control over Kennedy's future in the government (Senate) Kennedy left it up to the people, because they were the controling agents 57% still favored Kennedy as a Sennator Left to the people, letters poured in
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