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The Cup Lifter

A Prezi about a device used to lift a cup

Daniel Horvat

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The Cup Lifter

The Cup Lifter
Made by Charlie
and Daniel

Materials Used:
Cup Lifter Comparing Chart (Society)
It Works
Durable wood
Durable string
Strong pulley
The screw hooks
hook is closed so
string doesn't come
Can lift a large-sized
cup, with a filled
amount of water
Wood can cause splinters
(children should be especially careful)
Swinging the string may cause
the water in the cup to spill
Treating the device without care
may result the device to break
It can be possible to cut the string so
don't cut the string or the device will not work
May not lift up to 50 cm, but can if wooden columns/string are extended.
Not portable
Can only lift up specially designed cups (made for this device)
How does the Device Work?

1)Pull String
2)Pulley helps it move
3)String goes through
a screw hook
4)Pulley helps lift the cup
5) Small closed screw hook
is screwed on to a pop sickle
which then lifts the cup
Cup Lifter Comparing Chart (Environment)
Wood is better for the environment
Used Reusable wood
Wood destroys trees
Plastic cup is used
(it's better for the
environment to use
glass cups instead)
What is The Device's Purpose?
The device can help those who have problems
with lifting a cup or having to bend down to lift a cup. This device will make life easier with those people who have problems with lifting a cup by simply pulling a string which will safely lift up the cup. This device may be used anywhere from filling a cup in a sink, to lifting a cup while sitting in a chair in your living room!
What Simple Machines are used in the Device?
Simple Machine Name
Where is it Located?
1)The top
2)left side (on the slab)
1)Bottom of the slab
2)On the top
We think that our cup lifter device will help those who have difficulties with lifting certain things,in certain situations, and have a good impact on the environment. As well, it is indubitably scrumptious.
A prezi done by Charlie and Daniel
What Forces are being used?
Force Name
Where does it happen?
Gravitational Force
It happens when gravity pulls the cup down
Screw hooks
Plastic cup
Popsicle Sticks
Glue gun (w/ glue sticks)
Daniel's Dad
Charlie's Dad
Frictional force
It happens by the pulley when the
string rubs on the wheel of the pulley
By the pulley
The device basically works by a series of pulleys that will lift the cup, and guide the string. Smaller screw hooks have been used to guide the string where a pulley will be fragile, or not work properly.
Rotational force
Wheel of the pulley
Diagram of the Device
The Device has one string but goes through two pulleys which shows like kind of three strings even though it's one string so therefore the device has a mechanical advantage of three (3).
GRASS method of the device:
Measured input force(Pulling the string): 4
Measured output force (the cup):12
Actual mechanical advantage
Actual MA= Measured Output force
Measured Input force
Actual MA= 12
Actual MA= 3
The device has a mechanical advantage of three (3).
Another Explanation to find the Mechanical Advantage:
Who should be using this Cup Lifter?
People who have problems with lifting cups should be using this. Seniors should be aware of this because some seniors can end up with hand problems or just problems with lifting cups.
Does it have good Mechanical Advantage?
Yes, it does have good mechanical advantage because with more than one pulley, then it would be easier to lift the cup. The more pulleys added, the higher the mechanical advantage and less effort will be required by you.
Why Did We Build The Device Like This?
You can hook on and off the little screw located by the cup so it can be easy to fill up the cup with water
Pulleys are a great way to lift up objects whether they are light objects or heavy objects
pulling a string to lift the cup is easy and does not require a lot of force
The wood can help make the device last long
It's in a tall position so the cup can reach to many peoples heights for drinking water
We didn't put much heavy objects on the device so it's easy to carry
As well, you are able to raise and lower the cup so you do not accidentally knock the cup over, and if you have this device you most likely have a difficulty with bending over, or troubles lifting the awkward position of the cup. This meaning that you won't have to clean it all up yourself.
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