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No description

Jackie Vigil

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Dipper.

Scenario 2. Created by : Chris Amezquita,
Brisa Carrillo,
Jackie Vigil. Dipper, a typical 23 year old crime fighting ninja in training attends The Gideon Ninja University, and is finishing up his last semester for his degree in social work. As an undercover job he started to volunteer at a retirement home which was a plus because it counted as an internship for his degree in social work. As part of his intership final project he must write an essay over his volunteer experiences, and keep a journal of his adventures to create his final presentation. Dipper is assigned to help an elderly hispanic woman, Lupe Gonzalez Del Mar, who needs much assistance to do daily routines., such as going to the restroom. His hours were long and tiring, ranging from ten to fifteen hours a week. But the more hours he spent with Lupe, the more closer he got to her. One day Lupe calls Dipper into her room and expresses her problems to him that she had been dealing with. She asks Dipper to put in more hours volunteering because the nurses weren't giving her the assistance that she really needed. Introduction. Dipper wanted to help Lupe, but if he spent more hours at the retirement home it would mean he would have to cut back on his ninja training. Problem Dipper finds Lupe arguing with the nurse and with his quick feet, he stops her then asks why she is fighting them. Lupe says that they treat her different because of her race. Dipper concludes that there is discrimination within the human civilization. When questioned about the matter, the nurses denied and refused to talk about the subject. Dipper decides to address this issue by trying to set up cameras and spying on the nurses to have evidence about their unfair treatment towards different races. Emotional
Decided his strategy to be able to visit Lupe more would be to put in more initiative in helping the elderly woman with her problems. . Dipper knows that being a ninja he can't let his emotions interfere with his undercover work, he's suppose to follow ninja code and eliminate any emotions he feels. He decides these sacrafices he's making will be worth it to help Lupe, if he doesn't help her who else will? Solution Emotional continued.... His strategy for this sneaky plan is to keep his cool and do more research of the matter. Dipper decided to report this issue to his professor in charge of his internship and his ninja training. After thinking about it for a long time he thought it would be better to get advice from someone wise and older than him .

After Dipper gets the evidence he needs he is going to go to the director in charge of the retirement home and get fair treatment for all the elders living in the retirement home! When spending more time at the retirement home ,Dipper finds himself in a another pickle, where a white elderly man, Larry , is fighting with a hispanic nurse . He claimes that the nurse stole his property and wants it back. So Larry asks Dipper to act as his witness to accuse the nurse of stealing.Dipper refuses to cooperate with him beause he does not want to get in the middle of racial matters. Circumstantial Conclusion Dipper decided to go undercover and solve this case behind the shadows. After reviewing all three hundred camera footages, he found out that Larry has alzheimers and misplaced the watch by accidentally dropping it on the floor and kicking it under the bed. After a while, he completely forgot that he dropped it and went to accuse the hispanic nurse again. Knowing this Dipper went to retrive the watch and explained the whole incident. Solving the dilemma , Dipper goes on to his next case with Lupe and her problem. He takes the evidence that he has gathered to the director of the retirment home , which displayed the unfair treatment to the elderly that have different ethnic backgrounds. Once the director saw this footage he was outraged and replaced the nurses immediately. Lupe and her new nurse got along quite well and all the patients got the fair treatment they deserved.
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