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Social Change and Counterculture movement.

No description

Melissa Ramirez Anduaga

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Change and Counterculture movement.

Social Change and the 1960´s Countercultural movement.
Positive Impact
Negative impact.
The 60's with the inconformity, discrimination, growth of social groups
What is Social Change?
By: Melissa Ramírez
ID: 2014089910

This alterations can be:
Positive or Negative.
Constant alteration of:
Structure of society.
Commonly practice on laws, traditions, customs, etc.
Adolf Hitler.
Nelson Mandela.
First black president of South Africa.
Positive change in African society.

(Believes, laws, opportunities and values).
Commanded by
Nelson Mandela.
Adolf Hitler.
Jews were killed, because the German society did not accept they want a "Perfect Society"
Society changed their beliefs and structure.
Countercultural movement of 1960.
Changes in the society that involved a variation of beliefs, break down of rules, norms and accepted behavior especially in the young society.
United States and United Kingdom.
Gay Culture ("The Velvet Underground")
Sexual liberation (sexual revolution)
Related to freedom
Inspiration for children.
Diversification of music.
Opportunity to express.
Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd.
Example of how:
Power of few people can influence the thoughts, attitudes of a bigger groups either by making their lives better or worse depending on the cause and doing this causes an IMPACT IN THE SOCIETY.
The first resistance to social change is to say it is not necessary"
(Gloria Steinman).

What I'm going to talk about?..
Social change.
Example of positive and negative effects in social change.
Countercultural movement of 1960's: music, sexual revolution, hippies and gay culture.
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