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Math + Art= Arts Integration

No description

Amy Ersland

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Math + Art= Arts Integration

Math + Art= Arts Integration
How do teachers make math exciting? More importantly, how do teachers make word problems fun, not dull?

Math word problems are challenging to teach since there are so many steps involved which require students to use problem solving and critical thinking skills. Integrating math with the arts can provide an engaging and fun experience for students.
Do your students struggle with math word or story problems? Are you looking for effective ways to help with the comprehension of math problems?

This Prezi presentation will give you an effective,
and engaging activity to use with primary and intermediate students who are learning to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division word problems.

View the short You Tube video on the next slide to learn more about the importance of physically acting out word problems.
Moving from Physical to Visual
Acting it Out Lesson
Primary students need exposure with concrete objects before moving to abstract representation. Second grade students often struggle with comprehending story problems, knowing what the problem is asking of them. They are often confused whether to add or subtract. Often they choose addition because it is easier.
This second grade group created a balloon festival math presentation where people can buy balloons, food, and compete in a contest to see who can blow up the biggest balloon. In order to make a subtraction problem, they decided to create a sharp sign to pop the balloons out of pencil and cardboard. Their equation was 7 minus 5 is 2.
Ladybug Adventure
This group decided to search for ladybugs and lose some during their adventure, thus
presenting a subtraction problem through arts integration.
After this arts integration lesson, students were able to solve math word problems more efficiently with less errors since they were focused on the story. The results were AMAZING!! TRY THIS LESSON WITH YOUR CLASS!
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