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Teaching English Writing

No description

monique van poelwijk

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of Teaching English Writing

Write down 3 differences between spoken and written language
Differences between
speaking and writing!
Teaching English Writing
What reasons do we have for writing?
Reasons for writing
Process Approach
Product Approach
Cmu TEFL binder

Unit 3 G, Task 2

Differences between written and spoken language

Match number 1-6: Spoken Language features
Letters a-f: Written language features
Focus on the production of a text
Focus on language accuracy; grammar
Focus on text as a whole; punctuation and use of paragraphs

Product Approach
Punctuation mistakes
Steps in a typical writing lesson
unit 3 G
Task 3

Choose the correct order of the Steps in a typical writing lesson; a-i

CMU TEFL binder
Unit 3 G, Task 4
Specific writing activities
1 D
2 C
3 E
4 A
5 F
6 B
Two ways to approach writing
Write down your ideas
Page 24
'A beginning Teacher's Guide to TEFL
CMU TEFL Binder unit 3 H
Task 1 A process quiz

Your beliefs about how we structure and manage writing lessons.

Read the statements and answer Yes or No. Compare with your neighbor.
Process approach
A comparison
CMU TEFL binder, unit 3 H

A-H steps in process writing. Number the stages in the correct order.
Compare your answers with your neighbor.
Stages in Process writing
Mixed up story: fix the story. Do it in pairs.
Compare with another pair.
Steps in the right order:
1. E
2. G
3. F
4. I
5. D
6. A
7. H
8. F
Focus on accuracy

1, 5, 7, 8
Focus on text as a whole:

2, 3, 4,6
Product writing
Process writing
students work individually
Model text to identify features on the text
Features are expanded upon within controlled practice
Organization of ideas is as important as the ideas themselves
Only one draft is written
Emphasis on the end product
Students work in groups
Global focus on writing in emphasized and identified audience
Content is expanded upon collaboratively
content more important than its organization
drafts are written and adapted based on peer feedback
Emphasis is on the creative process

1. D
2. C
3. H
4. E
5. A
6. G
7. B
8. F
A romantic meeting.
Divide the group in two groups.
First student writes the first answer in a narrative way and folds the paper.
hand it over to the next student. Don't read what the first student wrote. Write the answer to the question in a narrative way and fold the paper.
repeat until finished.
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