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Chuck Yeager

No description

Grant Mitton

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Chuck Yeager

Grant Mitton Chuck Yeager Birthplace/Family Occupation: Pilot Education and Training Career Highlights and Accomplishments Charles E. Yeager- born February 13, 1923 in Myra, West Virginia
Father: Albert Hal Yeager- Owner of a natural gas drilling business, taught Chuck about machinery
Mother: Susie Mae Yeager
Two brothers (Roy & Hal Jr.) and two sisters (Doris Ann & Pansy Lee), Doris Ann was killed accidentally by Roy with a shotgun in infancy.
Wife: Glennis Yeager- died of ovarian cancer in 1990
Second Wife: Victoria Scott D'Angelo- actress- "Witness" (1985), married Yeager in 2003.
Yeager has four children and twelve grandchildren. Army Air Corps Fighter Pilot: Enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1941, fought in Germany as a P-51 Mustang pilot
Test Pilot: 1945 became a functional test pilot of repaired aircraft in the Aeronautical Systems Test Division
Test Pilot: Test pilot at Muroc Army Air Field (Edwards Air Force Base)
Commandant of USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School (astronauts)
Air Force Fighter Pilot:
1955-1957- 417th Fighter-bomber squadron F-86 Sabre
1957-1960- 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron- F-100D Super Sabre Graduated from Hamlin High School in West Virginia
Initaially trained as an aircraft mechanic in Army Air Corps.
Accepted into the Flying Sergeant Program
Completed Primary Pilot Training, Basic, and and Advanced training by March 1943
Trained in the 363rd Fighter Squadron flying the Bell P-39 Airacobra.
Trained as a test pilot at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio in 1946-47. Yeager became a decorated veteran of World War II
He is credited with 12.5 German kills with his first on March 4, 1944.
In March 5, Yeager was shot down over France but escaped to Spain after dragging another airmen (the airmen lost his leg after being shot by a German patrol) over the Pyrenees Mountains and was awarded the Bronze Star.
Became "an ace in a day" after shooting 5 Germans down on October 12, 1944. Scandal A Near Miss Scandals, issues, and Public Image Public and Media Opinion Career Pilot/Test Pilot/General and National Hero Bell X-1 Accomplishments Cont. Chuck Yeager became the first pilot to take an airplane past Mach 1 (760 mph) and break the sound barrier - October 14, 1947
Set new speed record 1953 at Mach 2.4 (approx 1,600 mph)
Promoted to Colonel and Commander of Aerospace Research Pilot School
Command the 417th Fighter bomber squadron flying F-86H Sabres
Given command of the Air Force's first elite fighter squadron
Flew 127 combat missions in Vietnam
Promoted to Brigadier General and commanded the 4th Air Force in Ramstein, Germany. Awards and Recognitions 2 Distinguished Service Medals
2 Silver Stars
3 Distinguished Flying Crosses
2 Legion of Merits
1 Bronze Star
1 Purple Heart
1 Presidential Medal of Freedom
Congressional Silver Medal
Mackay Trophy for outstanding military aviation for breaking the sound barrier
Collier Trophy given by President Truman Yeager has been in numerous near crashes and incidents, including falling 51,000 feet in 50 seconds in the X-1A
On October 12, Yeager fell off a horse and broke two ribs.
He went to a vet a town over to receive treatment.
He told only his wife and a fellow pilot and friend
Jack Ridley In 1990, Glennis Yeager died of ovarian cancer.
Chuck Yeager would marry actress Victoria Scott D'Angelo in August 2003.
A lawsuit was filed by Yeager's four children that D'Angelo married Chuck for his fortune.
The case wen to the California Court of Appeal, Yeager accused his children of diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars from his pension fund.
The Court would find his daughter Susan guilty of breaking her duty as trustee. Yeager was and is one of the most well known aviators in history.
He has been hailed as another "father of flight" and "father of supersonic flight".
His charitable actions greatly benefits society today including The General Chuck Yeager Foundation Legacy Chuck Yeager is remembered as a great pilot, military ace, record shattering test pilot, general, and the man who conquered the speed of sound.
Yeager is remembered because of his contributions to aviation and military aviation technology as well as his charitable contributions
Yeager is portrayed in the Academy Award-winning film "The Right Stuff" Autobiography and Memorials Yeager's first autobiography was "Yeager, An Autobiography" with Leo Janos and was published in 1985
His other autobiography "Press On" with Charless Leerhsen was published in 1988.
Yeager is memorialized in several locations around the country.
Marshall University's highest academic scholarship- Society of Yeager Scholars
Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia
Interstate 64/Interstate 77 bridge in Charleston
U.S. 119, along Yeager's childhood home in Lincoln County is named Yeager Highway
Inducted into California Hall of Fame. Bibliography "Charles E. Yeager." Explorers & Discoverers of the World. Gale, 1993. Biography In Context. Web. 16 Apr. 2013.
"Chuck Yeager." Newsmakers. Detroit: Gale, 1998. Biography In Context. Web. 16 Apr. 2013.
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"The Adventures of Chuck Yeager." ChuckYeager.com. PMN III, n.d. Web. 16 Apr 2013. F-104 F-102 F-100 B-57
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