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The History of Dance and Choreography

No description

claire crawford

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The History of Dance and Choreography

The History of Dance and Choreography
Claire Crawford
AP English Dance Evolution
Modern and Contemporary
Jazz and Tap
Great Depression
Social Rebellion Helped me when Chris was not around Early Dance
Early Civilization Dance
Religious Dance
Dance Documentation
Italian Renaissance Paper Reflection
Time management
MLA Format

Met due dates
Easier when familiar with format Mentor
Chris Madray
Dance Teacher
Dance Competition Judge
Back Up Dancer
Studio Owner Hope Johnson
Teacher at Dance Theater
Attends ECU for Dance Education Product Reflection
Time Consuming
Fun To Complete
Nice Change From The Paper
Increased My Love For Dance Why Dance? I have danced for fourteen years
Interested in the history and origination Product Brainstorming
Dancing with the Stars: teacher edition
Not reasonable because of scheduling conflicts What we did! Assistant taught classes
Choreography workshop in Wilmington
Held my own dance class In the future
Pursue dance as a career
Attend NC State or Appalachian State
Own my own dance studio Reference Slide Dance Word Art. 2011. Photograph. Http://www.google.com/imgres?q=dance+word+pictures&hl=en&client=safari Choreography Work Shop
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