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Communication - Then and Now

No description

Niti Malwade

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Communication - Then and Now

How to Write A Letter - Then And Now By: Niti Malwade Step 1: Write the Letter Used paper and quill (a feather dipped in ink used to write)
Seal letter in an envelope Step 2: Paste the Stamp Each stamp (a sticker placed on envelopes that represents a certain amount of money)
Longer the distance, the more it costs Introduction My presentation is based off the book "The Last Silk Dress". As I was reading the part where the character receives and sends letters, I realized that how we communicate has changed. "And then a few years ago the letters started coming from her in Philadelphia." - The Last Silk Dress Step 3: Drop off your letter with a Star Route Carrier U.S. Postal Service hires contractors
Contractors had to be at least 21
Carriers had to be at least 16 Step 4: Travel on Star Route
to Destination Can use any form of transportation
Horses were most common
Stagecoaches were safest Step 5: Deliver Letter Letters usually took weeks to deliver
Harsh conditions and thieves IN THE PRESENT-
EMAIL, 2013 Step 1: Create an Account Computers and Internet (vast network of computers connecting smaller computers to each other worldwide)
Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail
Register Step 2: Compose An Email Click on the button to compose an email
Fill in "To" and "Subject" boxes
Write your letter in the body Step 3: Send Your Email Click "Send" button
Uses Internet to connect your computer's network with another computer's network CONCLUSION In the past, we used the Star Route to carry mail, but nowadays, we use email, which in my opinion is a lot easier. Both carry out the same job, sending and delivering mail, but Email uses the Internet, whereas Star Routes used horses. I think we are better off with email, because it is a lot faster to receive and send, and it requires no traveling making it safer. IN THE PAST -
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