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Opium Use in the Victorian Era

No description

Miss Ekey

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Opium Use in the Victorian Era

Opium Use in the Victorian Era
Bad Effects on Society
People didn't realize their addictiveness of the drug.
There were no rules or restrictions over what drugs you could purchase without a doctor's prescription.
Opium Dens
These Dens were used to smoke and sell opium.
Good Effects on Society

By Scott and Missy
Many people bought drugs such as opium for home remedies rather than entertainment for the bored.
Authors and artists were most notorious for using opium recreationally.
Opium was sold in "opium dens" in the 1860's
Insides were usually dull, dark, and unfurnished.
Offered an escape from public for opium lovers.
When Chinese men migrated they brought opium and their addiction with them to London.
Children died of starvation because the use of opium removed their appetites.
Caused conflict in trade between China and Britain and caused two wars in the fight over opium.
In the end...
Britain's government was fighting to bring drugs IN.
1878 - Opium Act passed in order to reduce the availability of opium

Soon after, opium was officially banned

Black market trade followed
Widely used for medical reasons.
Widely known as a "miracle drug"
Worked wonders for pain relief
Changed the way music, art, and literature were presented and viewed.
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