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Copy of Developing a paragraph by using definition

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Dareen Maula

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Developing a paragraph by using definition

Developing a paragraph by using definition

You can develop a paragraph by using a definition. Its purpose is to explain the meaning of a word or concept or idea.
Words often have different meanings based on their use. Look at the following example:

Death is the
punishment for most countries around the world.
of Finland is Helsinki.

Notice how the word capital is used differently in the two statements.
in the first sentence means
major or principal
while the second one means
city or town that is the official seat of government in a country or state.
This is why as a writer, you need to be highly skilled in defining for your message to be grasped by your readers clearer, easier and faster.
1. Formal Definition

2. Informal Definition
Here is an example of a paragraph that uses definition as a method of development.

Developing a Paragraph
The paragraph is the unit of composition for nonfiction and creative nonfiction. So, if you want to write well, you need to know how to create a good paragraph. It has a topical sentence, it has a smooth transition from one sentence to the next, it is based on one or more methods of development.
Group 6

Methods of Development
There are many methods you can use to develop a paragraph.
How you develop a paragraph often depends on its purpose.
For instance, if you want to provide details, you could use the method of description.
Or if you want to tell a story, such as an anecdote, you could use narrative.
By knowing the various methods of development, you have more ways of
expressing yourself and more tools to construct interesting prose.
Here are the most popular methods of developing paragraphs:

Process analysis
Comparison and contrast
Cause and effect

What is poetry? It has many meanings. In fact, there is no single definition of a poem. To some, it is the deep expression of the soul. To others, it evokes an emotional response in the reader. To others, it is the use of poetic language that reveals a truth about the human condition.
A formal definition is a sentence that contains three parts:

(1) the term that needs defining (species);
(2) the class to which the item belong (genus); and
(3) the differentiation of that item from the other forms belonging to the class (differentia).

Technical writing writing committed to factual information
(Species) (Genus) (Differentia)

From the example, we can define the term in question
as follows:

Technical writing is a form of writing that is committed
to factual information.

Informal definitions are
partial or incomplete definitions.
It does not define a term in its complete sense as it can be based on the
writer’s experience
. The two common informal definitions are
operational definitions

Operational Definitions
give the meaning of an abstract word for one particular time and place. This is also called as an agreed-upon criterion.

2. Synonyms
are words that mean the same as another word. It can only be effective when it is better known than the term being defined.

Example: In a certain culture,
“Love is the feeling of someone when he or she likes and does nice things for you and with you”
, whereas in other culture
“Love means readiness to sacrifice everything for those being loved."
There are three ways by which you can use synonyms to define a word inside the text itself. One is through the use of
, another is the use of
and lastly, the use of an



Most of the rock consists of calcium carbonate. (limestone)
The fossil algae (stromatolites) take many forms.


Mount Oberlin and many other pyramidal peaks—matter horns—owe their distinctive form to the erosive action
of glaciers on two or more sides of the peak.

Appositive/ End of Sentence
The Atlyn Formation was deposited in a shallow, warm sea,
an environment indicated by the presence of fossil algae
called stromatolites.
Questions can be many different things. A question can be an inquiring sentence which asks for a reply, as in "I have a question for you." The word can also refer to whatever subject matter is at hand, as in the sentence, "The question of ethics is a hot topic nowadays." A question can refer to some sort of doubt or uncertainty, as in "There is no question I'm the best man for the job." Used as a verb, to question can mean the instance or act of questioning, such as "Police questioned the suspect." You can question whether something is right or question a celebrity for an interview. If you "pop the question," you are proposing to your sweetheart! Therefore, a question can mean many things to many people.
- Dareen
- Angeline
- Ailyn
- Jecebelle
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