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Welcome 2012 Annual Program Review

No description

Andrea Carvajal

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Welcome 2012 Annual Program Review

provide peer oversight
and advice to promote high quality research and enable CIAT to achieve CGIAR System Level outcomes within the agreed CGIAR Strategy & Results Framework

identify areas of potential integration
within CIAT’s 3 Research Areas and improve links with CGIAR Research Programs

identify activities that should be discontinued and/or initiatives that should be strengthened

discuss cross cutting challenges
such as a Monitoring and Evaluation framework
Welcome to the
2012 Annual Program Review!!!

Four Objectives
Oversight to promote high quality research
Strategic Results Framework (SRF) focus on achievement of 4 System Level Outcomes (SLOs)

Research prioritization proposed at two levels (System level and CRP level) and the prioritization process will be guided by quality of science and  achievement of research and development outcomes

We should continue to raise the bar! And make sure that the quality and relevance of our research is well above CGIAR average!
Identify areas of potential
integration within CIAT and CGIAR CRPs
Improve integration of our 3 Research Areas: DAPA (& CCAFS), AGROBIODIVERSITY and SOILS

Strengthen systems research in SE Asia and Central America
Identify activities that we should discontinue and/or initiatives that should be strengthened
Expand Tropical Forage research in Africa

Strengthen Soils/ system work in Central America and South East Asia
Discuss cross cutting challenges
such as a Monitoring and
Evaluation framework
Increased emphasis on parameters and metrics to benchmark and monitor progress towards achieving SLOs

Consortium will use performance management to support resource allocation decisions, in line with the priorities identified, to maximize impact and value for money
What have we discussed at
APRs before?

Have we followed up on our
previous agreements?

Continued to build CIAT brand and identity and prepare a flagship publication on eco-efficiency

Strengthen impact assessment
Strengthen internal communications

Scale up forage research in African agricultural systems

Strengthen our research presence in SSA and SEA

Staff succession plans
We lag behind
Update soils research strategy

Strengthen gender analysis research
Continue to improve our business plan process, making sure that we address global research issues at a scale, and for that we need to strengthen our evaluation, M&E, foresight, impact assessment capabilities

When possible, decentralize research from HQs, growing in SSA and SEA

Improve internal and external communications

Continue to lower our costs of doing business

Improve our annual research planning process (workplans and timesheets!)
We need to (I think…)
By the end of 2013 –when all CRPs had time to operate- we should update our 2008 ‘strategic directions’ document aligning much closer to the SRF and CRP portfolio, to be implemented in
CIAT needs a much bolder strategic agenda, focus on expected outcomes for impact!
The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at … when we created them”

A. Einstein
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