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Your Next Family Vacation to England!! ^.^

No description

safa razvi

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Your Next Family Vacation to England!! ^.^

Day 4 July 4th (ctd.)
Day 8
Phew! It's a hot day outside, so good thing your rental car has air conditioning! You decide to take your son to the national Motorcycle museum. He loves it! You spend most of the day there, eat lunch at the Mueseums cafeteria, then head back to the hotel to clean up and eat dinner at Edmunds Fine Dining. You head to Edmunds Fine Dining where you have reservations for 6:00. There I recommend the Indian Masala, a mixture of Fresh herbs, indian spices and your choice of chicken or beef ($15.99 or 9.76 pounds) After that you head out again to restful evening by Pendigo lake, less than a half mile away. You go back to your hotel feeling relaxed, and you sleep well.
Day 9
It's your final day in england and your flight leaves at 8:00 pm. So you intend to make your last day in Birmingham, England memorable. You decide to visit Aston park, where you will play some sports, enjoy a picnic on park grounds, and enjoy nature. Then you head to Pushkars, where we recommend the Punjabi Masala, a blend of fruits, vegetables, and Lamb meat marinated in a spicy indian Masala($13.98 or 8.53 pounds). After this you go to the birmingham library to return the books then go back to the hotel to pack up and get ready to leave. You arrive at the airport on time and return your rental car. You say goodbye to England and head back to the US.
Day 7
Cost of day 7
Admission to library: FREE

Shopping Plaza: 350 US dollars (213.57 pounds)

Hotel cost : $469.55 US money (286.52 pounds)

Total: 819.55 US dollars (500.09 pounds)
Cost of Day 8
Motorcycle Museum: $49.86 (24.95 pounds)

Lakeside Visit: FREE

Hotel/car: $10.00 for car rental (6.10 pounds)
Hotel was counted in day 7 price.

Total: $59.86 (41.05 pounds)
Cost of Day 9
Aston Park: FREE

Birmingham library: FREE

Flight cost (To and From): $2,790 per person (1702.98 pounds)

Total: $11160 (6819.94 pounds)
: Good Day!
Greeting customs:
shaking hands, hugging is only
for friends
St. Georges Day (4/23)
3 Classic Sayings from England:
"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" (Don't question good luck)
"From the frying pan into the fire" (From one problem to another)
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" (You can't expect to achieve anything if you never take any risks. )
Total cost in cities:
London: $80,221.80
(49,264.19 pounds)
Manchester: $4,483.04
(3,256.77 pounds)
Birmingham: $2471.41
(1,509.35 pounds)*
By Yunseo Cho, Jillian Pondell, and Safa Razvi
6th hour
You are a wealthy family that enjoys a high standard of living and is looking for an entertaining trip to Europe. You have a 13-year old daughter and an 11-year old son, who have also been eagerly waiting for this trip. You're looking for the perfect trip to England to make this summer memorable, enjoyable, family friendly, and most importantly, fun! Your interests are shopping, trying new things, and having a good time!
Arrival and transportation
You will fly from Detroit Metro (2:10 pm) to Dallas/Fort Worth (4:10 pm). After you eat dinner at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse (A table will be reserved. We recommend the New York Strip Steak, $35.99), you will board you flight at 6:35 pm, and arrive at the London Heathrow Airport at 9:35 am, which is what the time will be at your destination, London! All flights will be first class. After you arrive, a Mercedes S-Class with a chaffeur will pick you up after you call this number: 44 203 4111 574.
Check-in and
getting started
Day 4 July 4th

Cost of Day 4
Airline tickets from London to Manchester: $156 per person ($624 total) or £95.72 per person (£382.88 total.)
Lunch at the River Bar and Restaurant (Recommended dishes): £48.00 ($78.24)
Admission to the Manchester Art Gallery: FREE


Dinner at Michael Caines (recommended dishes): £72.00 or $117.34
Hotel: £864 a night ($1189.56) £1728 total ($2825.80)
Day 5 July 5th
You will check into the Lanesborough Hotel in London. You just need to tell the person at the counter your last name, and the complimentary butler service will carry your luggage from your car to your room, the Buckingham Suite. Instruct the butler to neatly unpack your belongings in your desired fashion.
TOTAL: £2230.88 ($3070.58)
After waking up and getting dressed, you will eat breakfast at the hotel. We recommend the Belgian waffles with seasonal fruit and fresh squeezed juice. Once you eat, Mom and daughter have spa treatments scheduled at the Hotel spa, and Dad and son are going to visit the National Football Museum.

Mom and Daughter will head down to the spa, where they will get facials and massages from Lowry's certified staff. Afterwards, they can will to one of Lowry's relaxation rooms or Sauna's to talk and relax.

The chauffeur will take Dad and Son to the National Football Museum. There they can look at the Hall of Fame, that celebrates the best teams and players in the history of English Football. They can also get their photos taken lifting some of the most iconic trophy designs of football!

Day 5 July 5th (ctd.)
Cost of Day 5
Spa treatments: £85.00 per person (£170.00 total or $277.05)
Admission to the National Muesum of Football: FREE
Breakfast at the Lowry: £19.95 per person. £79.8 tota. ($129.89)
At around 2:00, Dad and Son will head back to the hotel and meet up with Mom and Daughter. You will then go to your reservations at Aerial Extreme's High Adventure Ropes course. The course features 38 challenging obstacles. Obstacles you will find on the course include rope bridges, scramble nets, balance beams, and two zip lines!! It will be a fun and rewarding experience for both the adults and the kids. It is estimated the course will take around 1.5 hours, so when you return to the hotel you will have just enough time to shower and change into some nice clothes. You then have reservations at Aumbry, where you will indulge in their 9 course tasting menu. This is a 4 hour tasting, and after a day of adventure you will very tired. When you return to the hotel, you can do whatever you want until you sleep.
What the Lanesborough has...
The Lanesborough Hotel's Buckingham Suite is comprised of 969 square feet, a seperate spacious bedroom, lounge and dining area, and a 24-hour butler service. An in-room safe, high-speed wireless Internet, and tea and coffee served at the morning by your butler are all provided. An entertainment system and movies on demand are also provided for your pleasure.
Aeriel Extreme Family adventure course Package: £75.20 ($122.22)
Dinner at Aumbry's: £150.00 ($244.06)
Day 6 July 6th
You will wake up and eat breakfast at the River Bar and Restaurant. Today we recommend the Manx Kippers (A small, oily fish pickled and cold smoked) served with green tomatoes alongside fresh brewed tea or coffee for £19.95 per person. After you eat, you will visit the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. There the kids can visit their experiment area, where they can take part in fun science experiments for FREE. You can also visit their newest Gallery, Revolution Manchester. There you will be able to take part in an interactive experience of games and puzzles. You will eat lunch at the museum restaurant, the Warehouse Canteen. We recommend the slow roasted lamb shoulder with seasonal vegetables and potatoes for £6.95.

After you have spent a while at the museum, you will go to St. Ann’s Square. There you can shop at the many stores you will see. Before you leave for the next city, you can buy some souvenirs to remember your great stay at Manchester. Things you might buy there include books, shoes, jewelry, and clothes, After you shop, you have reservations at Salt Bistro. We highly recommend their 10oz ribeye steak served with chips with your choice of sauce for £17.95. After you eat, your chauffeur will go back to the hotel and pack up your belongings. You will check out, and take a taxi from Mannchester to Birmingham (estimated fare £310.05)

Day 6 July 6th ctd.
Cost of Day 6 July 6th
Breakfast at the River Bar and Restaurant (recommended dishes): £19.95 per person. £79.80 total ($129.89)

Admission to the Museum of Science and Industry: FREE

Lunch at the Warehouse Canteen (recommended dishes): £6.95 per person. £27.80 total ($45.25)

Souvenirs: £61.44 ($100.00)**

Dinner at Salt Bistro (recommended dishes): £17.95 per person. £71.80 total ($116.87)

Taxi from Manchester to Birmingham: £310.05** ($504.92)
TOTAL COST: £475.00 ($654.22)
TOTAL COST: £550.89 ($758.24)
Day 1, July 1st
You will wake up and eat breakfast ( the Continental, which consists of pastries and drinks) at the Lanesborough Hotel. After that, you will go to the London Eye, ride it and enjoy its view, and shop at the gift shop there. Then, you will take a stroll through London's beautiful Regent's Park (especially Queen Mary's Gardens). You then eat lunch at the Delaunay, which will be smoked salmon and a cream cheese bagel that will be served with green tea.
Two pictures of Queen Mary's Gardens' splendid roses.
Day 1, July 1st, Continued
After that you go to St, Paul's Cathedral. To unwind, you go back to the Lanesborough and go straight to their spa studio to recieve luxury treatments like their La Prairie Caviar Body Treatment. After you go to the spa, you eat dinner at the Alain Ducasse, which has a delicious potato gnocchi. You then go bck to the Lanesborough and ease into sleep.
Day 2, July 2nd
You are up and are drinking tea that is provided by the Hotel. After that, you eat breakfast at the Lanesborough, which is the Lanesborough English Breakfast, which consists of the Egg Benedict. You then head off to Hyde Park to ride horses for two hours on private lessons.
Day 2, July 2nd, Continued
Then, you go to the Racine restaurantand order the scrumptious Paysanne salad with a poached duck egg. You head off to the Natural History Musuem, and browse there for a few hours. To wrap up your day, you go to Dorsia for dinner, which will be fillet steak that comes with wild mushrooms and confit shallots and garlic. After that, you get spa treatments in the Lanesborough, and have free/relaxing/sleep time for the rest of the day.
Day 3, July 3rd
You will get up and eat breakfast at the Lanesborough. After a splendid meal of several pastries like croissants or danishes, you will go to the London Zoo. Then, you will eat lunch at the Village East restaurant, which will be a cheese burger with smoked cheddar and gherkins and chips.
The Manchester
Art Gallery
You get a spa treatment at the Lanesborough, which will be a Platinum Rare Facial and a Pure Gold Radiance. You will then go to Westminster Abbey. You then go to the Lanesborough for dinner, which will be a loin of veal (meat of young cattle), wild mushrooms, apple and aged balsamic, and the rabbit. And then you'll go to your room so that you can unwind with relaxation and slowly go to sleep.
Day 3, July 3rd, Continued
Football Museum
The Lowry Hotel in
Manchester, where
you will stay
Your Next Family Vacation to Europe!
Salt Bistro in St. Ann's Square
Minx Kippers
Potato gnocchi with spinach, garlic, and cheese
These are some people riding horses with instructors at Hyde Park.
Totals for Days One-Three

Cost of Flight: £36823.75 or $59845.96
Cost of Rental Car: £350 or $569.24
Cost of Food: £884.40 or $1439.36
Cost of Hotel: £10,500 or $17,064.60
Cost of Activities: £706.04 or $1149.08

(1 U.s. Dollar=1.63 British Pound Sterling)
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What the Lowry has...
The Lowry Hotel is a luxury hotel that specializes in your comfort and convenience. Each room is spacious and large, and you will have free wifi everywhere in the building. Your room has the latest facilities for both buisness and leisure guests, including 2 phone lines, voice messaging, high speed itnernet, CD players on request,and much more. You will also have a huge walk in closet for your clothes. Most rooms have a beautiful view over the river. The staff is friendly and curteous.
Extra bed for kids:
** estimated prices, may be different
St Ann's square
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Days 7-9 Bibliography (pictures)
You wake up in Crowne Plaza Hotel located in the Birmingham city Centre. You have a four room hotel luxury suite. You enjoy the many breakfast choices that they have to offer. At about 9:30, you are out the door. Then, you head over to the Birmingham Library, where your daughter would like to check out books. You enjoy your lunch at Purnells, a fine dining restaurant about 5 miles from your hotel. There we recommend the roasted chicken with soft boiled egg ($35.99 or 29.97 pounds). After that you head to the shopping plaza that's a walking distance from your hotel with your daughter to shop. You head down to eat at the restaurant Bodega Bar and Cantina, there we recommend the Moqueca de peixe ($11.95 or 7.29 pounds) which is a blend of many types of fish, peppers, and coconut. You head back to your hotel and get a good night's sleep. You'll need it!
The Birmingham LIbrary is one of the biggest libraries in England, including a VI.P. lounge in the top floor.
LIbrary of BIrmingham Picture: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02653/Library_of_Birming_2653544b.jpg

Purnells fine dining, an Exquisite, top of the line restaurant with a private dining suite and butler service.
A Paysanne salad with a poached duck egg. Today's lunch.
A smoked cheddar burger and chips. (Note: In England , chips are actually french fries and crisps are actual potato chips
One of the Lanesborough's spa treatment rooms.
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* total cost in cities will vary, depending on how much you choose to spend on souvenirs, menu items, and tips.






The Bodega Bar and Cantina
is a south american cuisine restaurant with many pleasing dishes.
One of the motorcycle exhibits in the Museum.
Edmunds fine Dining is a gourmet, 5 star restaurant.
Edmunds fine dining interior.
A north Indian/Punjabi cuisine restaurant.
An example of the food that you can get at Pushkars.
After eating, your family will visit the Manchester Art gallery. The kids will probably be interested in looking at the Gallery of Craft and Design, that features metalwork, toys, and textiles. Mom and Dad might want to look at their Historic gallery. Where you can find masterpieces of art and design from the 17th and 18th centuries. After browsing their collections, you can visit their shop where you can buy a variety of different souveneirs. Your chauffeur will drive you back to the hotel. After changing into some nice clothes, you will go to your reservations at Michael Caines restaraunt, featuring exciting and innovative european cuisine. We highly recommend their Pork fillet, served with butternut squash and boulangere potatoes, seasned to perfection with smoked paprika. (£18.00, $29.33). After eating, you will return to the hotel. You will be tired after a long day of fun so sleep well!
Manx Kippers
You will wake up and eat breakfast at the Lanesborough. We recommend the Fried eggs with wild mushrooms and toast. After checking out, your chauffeur will drive you to the Heathrow Airport. You will board your flight and depart for Manchester. When your flight lands, you will be driven to the Lowry Hotel, where you will be staying. You will check in, and be shown to your suite. After taking a moment to relax and unpack, you will eat a late lunch at the Hotel's River Bar and restaurant. We highly recommend the Canon of lamb for the adults (⌡£24.00 $39.12) and the Cumberland sausage and mashed potatoes for the kids (complimentary of the hotel.).
The River Bar and Restaurant
Aerial Extreme's
High Ropes
Salt Bistro
Overall Total: $89187.88 (54313.28 pounds)
"Thank-you-in-many-languages." Student Multicultural Activities. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2013.
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