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Teaching Creative Writing Using the Senses

No description

Patricia Wong

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Teaching Creative Writing Using the Senses

Teaching Creative Writing Using the Five Senses

Activity Part 1
As a group, pick
one of these two
scenarios: imagine a day at the Farmer's Market OR a day at Costco
Each member of the group picks one of the five senses.
Once chosen, work colla to figure out how you would describe the scene with only your one sense and how it fits in the bigger picture with your group members.


What was your thought process in deciding how to best convey your sense?
How did your own experiences differ from those of your group?
What effect did this have on how you came together to describe the scenario?
Practical Applications
and Challenges
2.2.2: Relate elements, devices, and techniques to created effects

Do you see yourself doing this activity in your classroom?
What other challenges/benefits do you see?
How would you insert this activity in a unit?
Why is important to use the five senses in the classroom?
Activity Part 2
It's your turn:
Working in your same group, pick your own scenario and work together using the five senses to describe "it". You may choose to continue focusing on your sense from Part 1 of the activity or you can work collaboratively as a group.

Afterward, one group will come to the front and describe their scenario and the class will try to guess. The presenting group may choose to present however they like (eg. one sense at a time; one clue from each sense,
Please start getting into groups of 5!
Great ideas will be bestowed upon you shortly!

Molly Bouchard
Joanna McWhirter
Jill Remillard
Patricia Wong
This idea is adapted from the EDPS 310 textbook, Principles of Classroom Management: A Professional Decision-Making Model by Levin & Nolan. The textbook uses an example of engaging students using popcorn. The teacher pops the popcorn and the students describe the taste and smell, as well as think of places, events and other things they associate popcorn with.
Can be adapted to any Junior High level
Show, don't tell
Too much focus on the tangible?
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