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The Great Gatsby: Chapters 5-7

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sierra janjua

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby: Chapters 5-7

Gatsby + Daisy
What kind of weather is happening on the day they have tea? How is this representative of what happens?
How does Gatsby act before/during/after their meeting?
The deconstruction of the green light
Gatsby's life story
James Gatz = Jay Gatsby
Why did he change his name?
Who is Dan Cody?
Tom = alpha male
Tom asserts his dominance over Gatsby in a few different ways 1. Randomly shows up at Gatsby's house and ditches him 2.Goes to Gatsby's party with Daisy and vows to find out what Gatsby
does to make his money
3.Confronts Gatsby about what he does to make money and what his intentions with Daisy are
New York City = conflict
What is the weather like on the day they all go to New York City? How is this representative of how things go?
Driving arrangement
What do we find out about Wilson? How are Tom and George Wilson alike at this point in the book?
Gatsby vs. Tom, Tom vs. Daisy, Daisy vs. Gatsby
What role do Nick and Jordan play in all of this?
What does Nick realize in the midst of the fight?
What happens when Daisy and Gatsby leave?
Chapters 5-7
SOME HUGE PLOT POINTS HAPPEN IN CHAPTERS 5-7, the most important being:
1. Gatsby and Daisy finally see each other after 5 years
2. We find out Gatsby's life story
3. Tom asserts his dominance over Gatsby
4. All of the characters go to New York and everything unravels
The Great Gatsby:
Chapters 5-7
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