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Hunger Games

No description

Courtney Gingras

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Hunger Games

Call to Adventure
Hunger Games
Status Quo
Katniss Everdeen lives a very humble life in District 12 which is the Coal district of Panem. She lives with her mother and her sister. Due to her father's death in a mining accident, Katniss takes over the job of being the provider for her family. The death causes Katniss to be more family oriented. Katniss's best friend Gale and herself occasionally go hunting outside the district to gather food.
Departure/ Crossing the Threshold
Technically, Katniss crosses 2 thresholds. The first threshold is when she arrives to the Capitol of Panem on the Train. Katniss and her fellow tribute, Peeta run to the windows when the train has stopped and they stare out into the magnificence of the Capitol, a complete upscale of District 12. Katniss spends an great amount of time here preparing for the games and adjusting to how different the Capitol is from her old District, which is extremely poor. At the Capitol, Katniss is able to indulge in delicious foods where in District 12, she was starving.
When Katniss and Peeta are walking through the forest, they are talking about the whereabouts of the remaining tributes and are strategizing. They take a few minutes to remember the falling tributes such as Rue.
Assistance/Meet the Mentor
When Katniss first arrives on the train to the Capitol, she is greeted by her mentor, Haymitch Abernathy. Haymitch is a former victor of the 50th annual Hunger Games. He is there to help help and guide Katniss and Peeta, in surviving the Arena.
Hero- Katniss
It's pretty self explanatory that Katniss is the hero in the novel Hunger Games. She is a family oriented hero due to her volunteering to go to the 74th annual Hunger Games instead of her Sister Primrose. Katniss follows the monomyth archetype pretty much exactly. She goes through a separation and hardship for her family while paying a price to obtain her goal; of winning the Hunger Games. She leaves her comfortable world and comes back with a new understanding.

" I am not Pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun (Collins)"
Every year there is an event called The Hunger Games; This is where one girl and one boy from each district is chosen or Volunteer to kill everyone they go against in the tournament (even fellow district player) which is called the Reaping Ceremony. At the reaping Ceremony, Primrose ( Katniss's Sister) is chosen from the reaping bowl to represent District 12. Katniss quickly volunteers to go instead of Prim.
Herald- Effie
The herald in the novel Hunger Games is Effie Trinket. Effie is the escort for District 12. She is responsible for drawing the Hunger games tributes' name every year at the reapings and escorting them to the Capitol via a train. Effie is also somewhat a Trickster as she provides comic relief and uses her wit.

A Hero's Journey
1. Status Quo
2. Call to Adventure
3. Assistance
4. Crossing Threshold
5. Trials
6. Approach
7. Crisis
8. Reward
9. Result
10. Return
11. New Life
12. Resolution
New Life
7 Archetypes
1. Hero
2. Herald
3. Threshold Guardian
4. Shapeshifter
5. Mentor
6. The Shadow
7. Trickster

The second threshold Katniss crosses is when she arrives in Arena of the 74th annual Hunger Games. This is where she is cut off from the world and loses all communication of the “old world” in which she was safe. The 74th annual Hunger games are taken place in a rural area surrounded by forest. The entire country of Panem will be able to see Katniss on TV, but she won’t be able to see them in any way. Katniss is now forced to fight the other tributes from the other 11 districts to death in order to survive and return home. If she doesn’t put up a fight, she could die instantly in a gruesome manner.
“I’m in darkness and then into the open air. For a moment, my eyes are dazzled by the bright sunlight… then i hear the legendary announcer...’ Ladies and Gentlemen, let the games being! (Collins)’” ( Pg.147)
This is where the Novel starts to deviate from The monomyth archetype. The traditional Monomyth only has 1 crossing of the threshold while Hunger Games has 2.
The Trials of the Capitol
Opening Ceremony- When Katniss and Peeta first arrive into the Capitol, they must be presented to the Citizens of Panem on a chariot in an opening ceremony. Katniss goes through a trial of where she is placed into public eye that she doesn't want. Her stylish Cinna dresses Katniss up in a suit that has realistic fake flames.
Training for the Arena- Katniss is tested mently and physically during the training for the arena. She must learn how to survive and fight in the arena. When the training is over, each tribute must demonstrate their ablilties to the gamemakers to get a score out of 12. Katniss gets frustrated at the gamemakers when they are not paying attention to her so she fires an arrow at them. She gets an 11/12 from the gamemakers.
Katniss is tested mentally in preparation for her interview with Caesar Flickerman (the interviewer for the games) She must look desirable for the citizens of Panem so she can get sponsored.
- Peeta’s interview
Peeta drops a bomb during his interview with caesar flickerman ( The interviewer). Peeta confesses his love for Katniss causing her to look weak in the eyes of other tributes. She is tested mentally to not react in front of the cameras.
-The cornucopia
When Katniss enters the Arena, she is surrounded by the other 23 tributes.
She must now fight for her survival. She goes through a trial of mental and physical strength. Katniss grabs a backpack and runs into the forest to get as much space between her and the cornucopia. She runs into Foxface, a girl from district 5. Neither Katniss or Foxface attack which tests Katniss’ morals. If Katniss was like one of the Career tributes, she would have killed Foxface without a second thought.

Forest Fire- While she was running away from the cornucopia, the gamemakers decide to set a forest fire to bring Katniss back towards the fighting tributes. The gamemakers launch fireballs and falling trees to bring Katniss to the fights. She gets burned by a falling tree which makes her an easy target if any tributes find her. This tests Katniss physically.
-The careers and Peeta
Katniss decides to head to the river to soak her burned leg in the cooling water.
While there, the tributes from District 1 &2 named the Careers find Katniss. To her surprise, she finds out that Peeta is part of the alliance with the Careers. This sight tests Katniss mentally as she is trying to process that her district teammate is trying to kill her. This also tests her physically because she must run and climb to get away from the careers.

The tracker Jackers-
Katniss begins to cut the hive down but while doing that, she gets stung by a tracker jacker. This begins to distort Katniss’ vision. The hive falls to the ground and the tracker jackers attack the alliance below. This tests Katniss mentally and physically as she is hallucinating and must run away from the Careers. Katniss falls to the ground and grabs a bow out of one of the dead tributes hands.
Marvel, a tribute from District 1 throws a spear at Katniss and Rue. Katniss quickly shoots an arrow but it’s too late. She turns around to see that the spear has hit Rue. Rue falls to the ground and Katniss holds her. Rue tells Katniss that she needs to win. Rue asks Katniss to sing a soft lullaby while Rue slowly dies. Katniss gathers some flowers and builds Rue a makeshift “Grave” until the hovercrafts come to get her. This tests Katniss as Rue was the only good thing in the Games and she reminded Katniss of Prim.
The gamemaker, Seneca Crane creates a wolf mutation called “Mutts” These animals are able to balance on their hind legs, can jump really high and are incredibly fast. These animals test Katniss and Peeta physically because they chase them towards the cornucopia.
Threshold Guardians- The other Tributes

Peeta Mellark- Shapeshifter

Peeta is one of the shapeshifters in the hunger games because he starts out as just a bakers son slowly becomes a different person throughout the novel. Peeta joins the Careers causing Katniss to question where his alliances stand in the arena
Haymitch Abernathy- Mentor
In the beginning of the story, Haymitch was a wreck. He promised to pull himself together and stop drinking in order to help the tributes of District 12 survive the games. He is the mentor because he is experienced in the games as he has already survived the games before. Haymitch provides comic relief in the novel and the film.
President Snow- Shadow
President Snow is the Shadow of The hunger games because he is an worthy opponent against Katniss. He also encourages the Tributes to kill each other. When Peeta and Katniss are the only remaining tributes, he revokes the rule change so they would attempt to kill each other. President Snow also represents that there is children starving around the world in warzones which is something that we would like to change. He and Katniss share a connection the moment the tributes ride in the Opening Ceremony.
The other tributes are the threshold guardians because they test Katniss in both the Capitol and in the Arena of her worthiness. They also in a way, are henchmen of the Capitol alongside being potential allies. They are obstacles that Katniss must deal with.

The Capitol announces that the rule change for 2 tributes of the same district shall be crowned victors is revoked. The change that has now been revoked meaning that there must only be one victor. Katniss pulls the Nightlock out of her pocket and offers some to Peeta, meaning the capitol won't get what they want for once. At this point, Katniss no longer fears death. She accepts that she would rather die than have to kill Peeta. This is the Climax point of the story.
Peeta and Katniss have survived the Hunger Games and have become the victors of 74th annual Hunger Games. This is the beginning of the falling action.
The capitol isn’t happy with Katniss because her pulling the Nightlock may spark a rebellion. As a result, President Snow sends Seneca Crane (Head gamemaker) into a room and locks him in there, with nothing but a bowl of Nightlock.
Katniss and Peeta return to the Capitol to be crowned the Victors. They are now under the constant watch of the Capitol.
Katniss must now act in love with Peeta while the cameras are focused on them. Katniss is now famous and must adjust to her new life in District 12.
This is the conculsion/denoument

Katniss and Peeta’s win brings happiness and food to District 12.

Cinna- Mentor
Cinna acts as a Mentor in the Hunger Games. He acts as Katniss’ conscience. He also grants Katniss with some insight such as the knowledge of the jacket thermal fabric to keep body heat in. He gives Katniss the knowledge of the fact that he would vote for her if he could.
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