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Lectura Tesi doctoral: Forging nation from exile: Internatio

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Aurora Madaula

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of Lectura Tesi doctoral: Forging nation from exile: Internatio

Lectura Tesi doctoral:
Forging nation from exile: International recognition, political alignment and ideological constraints in Basque nationalisms (1956-1977)

Doctoranda: Aurora Madaula i Giménez

Juliol 2017

Plantejament i estat de la qüestió
Cronologia: 1956-1977
Is it possible to forge an develop a nation being in the exile?
Is the exile a blessing in disguise, a refuge, for Basque nationalism?
Can Basque nationalism in exile be considered as the "eighth province" of the Basque political national imaginary?
Has Basque nationalism developed from ethnic to civic nationalism?
Which are the political patterns followed by Basque nationalisms?
Which are the strategies followed to get international recognition of Basque nationalism?
Archives: Primary sources
Parts of Thesis
1.- The World Basque Congress (1956)
Plutarc / Plutarch's approach
Benedicció amarga / Blessing in disguise
L'exili com a refugi / Exile as a refuge
Manuel Irujo Ollo (1891- 1981)
Oral sources
Books and articles: Secondary sources
Archives visited:
Sabino Arana Fundazioa
Euskadiko Artxibo Historikoa
Lazkaoko Beneditarren Fundazioa
Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Center
Center for Basque Studies (University of Nevada, Reno)
National Archives for Records Administration (NARA)
Pavelló de la República (Universitat de Barcelona )
2.- Manuel Irujo in Munich. The IV Conferences of the European Movement ( 1962)
3.- Manuel Irujo vs Eli Gallastegi and ETA in the evolution of the radical Basque nationaism. From "ecumenical therapy" to "Patriots and Hooligans". (1962)
4.- The Burgos Trial (1970) . The trial from exile.
5.- The end of the "Eighth province"? The end of the exile and the evolution of Basque traditional nationalism. (1977)
Forging a nation in exile.
The exile, a blessing in disguise.
The exile, the 8th Province.
From ethnic to civic nationalism.
Christian democracy and the European Federal Movement.
The appearence of ETA: The stablishment of two different version of nationalism.
Internal exile and violence.
Manuel Irujo Ollo
Manca d'estudis del periode cronològic
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