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What if my roommate is ANNOYING?!?

Are you new to ONU this fall? Are you worried about classes, your roommate, new friends -- you're not alone! Watch this presentation on getting - and getting along with - your new roommate in August. Brought to you by the Office of Residence Life.

LeeAnne Sipe

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of What if my roommate is ANNOYING?!?

What If My
Roommate Is ANNOYING?!? & other worries new college students deal with Is real life like the movie
"The Roommate"? Um... Probably not. So how do I
get a roommate? You can pick one for yourself! Both roommates will just need to request each other to be placed. Don't know anybody you want to live with? Join the facebook group for the incoming class and start talking to people! We'll place someone with you! Be sure to fill out the housing application YOURSELF and to do so honestly! If your mom fills it out and says that you're an early bird, don't be mad if your roommate likes to wake up at 6:00 am when you'd rather be sleeping. Our software pairs students based on their applications and their compatibility. But it makes me nervous for the Office of Residence Life to pick my roommate... We get that. To be honest, sometimes it just doesn't work out. Not every roommate match is made in heaven. Most of the time, we do a pretty good job. "Being roommates has made freshmen year more enjoyable than you can imagine! 343 Maglott will be in my heart forever."

- Heather, Pharmacy ’16 (pictured right, with roommate Allie, Pharmacy ’16). How do we make it work? Odds are you probably haven't had to share a room in a long time... if ever. It might not be easy at first! Keep in mind that the room belongs to everyone who lives there, not just you! That means you'll all need to learn how to share your space. That doesn't mean you have to share your food. Or maybe it does.
That's for y'all to decide. We suggest you talk with your roommate before you get here and figure that stuff out. Who's bringing the tv? the mini-fridge? When do you go to bed? We also have a roommate bill of rights for you to sign when you get here to help work out the ins-and-outs of living together. The key is to communicate how you're doing, what you're thinking, and be nice about it. Most folks can work things out. If you don't TALK! how can you make it work? What if it's just
not working out? Sometimes that happens!
Here's how you should handle it:

Try to talk it out for yourselves. Sometimes one roommate has an issue and the other has no idea. Really talk it out - nobody wants to find out via Facebook that they're having roommate issues!

Talk it out with a mediator. Ask an unbiased friend to step in -OR- ask your RA. That's part of his/her job, after all! Outside eyes are usually good at giving advice for settling conflict.

After you've tried to make it work, take your roommate and talk to your RA or head resident about one or both of you moving out. You can move into a room with another student or swap roommates with friends.

Whatever you do, DON'T JUST IGNORE IT! Most of all, remember... HAVE FUN!!! Odds are that you're going to have a blast
and you're going to learn a lot -
about your major(s) and about yourself. So stop worrying! You'll probably love your roommate... and if you don't, then we can take care of that. Questions? Contact Us!

web: http://www.onu.edu/reslife
__ : http://facebook.com/ONU.ResLife
e-mail: reslife@onu.edu
phone: 419.772.2430 Office of Residence Life
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