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Smart Home

No description

Mario Laća

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Smart Home

SmartHome 1) less money as possible spend for energy
2) produce as much energy as possible
3) make more energy with 2 than the house need
+ Subsidy from the state

Target: Make more energy than you need and so
get money back! Buderus
Energy Plus House How to save energy Smart Control Technology -Technology has to work intelligent together
-A way to save energy and money Thermal Insulation -Don't lose energy
-Better wall and windows Photovoltaic -Produce more energy than you pollute
-Sell the energy = get money from the state Energy Plus System -Don't need a new house
-System 1 in old houses
-Price new house 250.000 €
old houses 50.000€ Energy Plus System 1 The SmartHome What's a SmartHome?

How does it work?

What are the benefits? What's a Smarthome? Home, controlled via App on Phone or PC on the way
Electronical devices can be switch on or off remotely
(e.g. coffee machine, heating, television set, etc.)
energy efficient How does it work? pre-programmed actions to make life easier
intelligent heating and cooling system
effective insulation
photovoltaic system
energy recovery of fresh air and wastewater
wallcollector for power or heat For old houses Energy Plus System 2+3+4 For new buildings RWE Smarthome Why are Smarthomes our future? 1. Comfort and convenience
2. Security
3. Support in everyday life Hannes Harms zum Spreckel
Pascal Stiemer
Mario Laca Comfort and convenience everything is done by pressing a button
e.g. switching lights on/off
regulate the heat
or rollerblind
remote control everywhere with your
smartphone Security Burglary and fire protection
instant message to your phone Support in everyday life http://i.computer-bild.de/imgs/4/7/5/6/5/8/8/SmartHome_Teaser-185e2dd5d2ad4880.jpg Blue = Plug
Orange = Light
Pink = Heat Interface Thank you for your attention. http://www.rwe-smarthome.de/web/cms/mediablob/de/585436/data/5/blob.jpg http://www.rwe-smarthome.de/web/cms/de/457156/smarthome/informieren/was-ist-rwe-smarthome/ Environment Money Security What are the benefits? Saves energy, due to it's polluters

produces energy itself one investigation, long-term innovation

pay less money and get more for producing modern technology makes the house safe

receive message when criminals enter
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