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Admired Author

No description

Randi Bell

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Admired Author

My Theme For my theme I choose to do poetry that gets a message out to girls who are affected by the media. This has become a problem in many peoples lives. Take Care of your Body its the only place you have to live in Informational Poems Admired Theme Why is this so Great? Poems can make you feel, think, connect and vent your emotions. They can be long or short, funny or serious, entertain or educate. Poems have such a good way of making people feel better about themself and to help them become a stronger person. Powerful writing that gets a message out to people means so much more personally if it connects to you. Breaking The Mirror She bats her eyes,
Gently teasing her hair
She's a true toast to society,
This blonde bombshell in red
She works on a problem,
Softly rouging her cheeks
Men only look at her
And don't see beyond
To what she feels or thinks
And as she applies the mascara,
Shes thinking of breaking the mirror Before & After Photoshop
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