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Family tree

No description

Marcia Telusma

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of Family tree

My Family Tree
Marcia Telusma
Matthalia Telusma
Maddiana Telusma
Mildred Jean-Philippe
Marcel Telusma Jr.
Sandlee Jean-Philippe
Allen Jean-Philippe
Walner Abel
Kevin Joshua Abel
Marie Perard
Ariana Jean-Philippe
Alleyna Jean-Philippe
Clariana Marie Dieudonne Reveil
Antonin Jean-Philippe
Marcia Telusma
Matthalia Telusma
Maddiana Telusma
Mildred Jean-Philippe
Marcel Telusma Jr.
Stanley Jean-Philippe
Linsey Jean-Philippe
Dorothy Jean-Philippe
Prospere Jean-Philippe
Lidia Hillare
Denise Frage
Andre Frage
Clariana Reveil
Zelina Jean-Lois
Alexander Reveil
Eleanor ?
Clamard Reveil
Kellog William Reveil
Stephen Reveil
Gloryna Reveil
Kelly Reveil
Malen Gilles
Joseph Telusma
Juasina Telusma
Sinoyis Ulysse
Veronique Ulysse
Ismaelite Telusma
Olga Telusma
Samuel Telusma
Marcel Alexander Telusma Sr.
Sinosia Ulysse
Aleyis Michel
Antionette Mon Cheri
Fifi Ulysse
Fritz Joseph
Evelyne Telusma
Stanley Scott
Evans Joseph
Tomica Telusma
Rose Telusma
Ernest Jean
Marie Claude Telusma
Claude-Ernest Jean
Isabelle Jean
Monica Jean
Dierry Justafont
Vilare Lucien
Marlene Telusma
Marline Lucien
Marvie Lucien
Diddier Jean-Louis
Kiyara Jean-Louis
Diddrick Jean Louis
Zahara Joseph
My Mother's Side
My Father's Side
Uncle Ben
Emmanuel (Mom's little Cousin)
My Godfather
Uncle Carmel
Tata (Aunt Sandlee)
Tati Malen
Aunt Judique
Uncle Kellog
Tati Paulverine
Uncle Allen
Tati Marie
My dad has many more brothers and sisters...way too many to count!
Facts About my Father's side of the Family
My grandfather, Marcel Alexander Telusma Sr. was a sergeant, a barber, and the head of the military band in the Haitian Army
Uncle Allen's Wedding
They were visiting Disney World
My Grandmother's Wedding
My mom graduating nursing school
My mom and dad at their honeymoon in the Pocconos
My parents' wedding day
July 18th 1999
My great Grandfather came from Puerto Rico
My grandmother was a seimstress
Facts about my Mother's side of the Family
My grandmother was a highly revered nurse in Haiti. She helped THOUSANDS of people food-wise and money-wise; especially in Haiti.
Many of the women work in the health care feild, such as my mother, and my aunt
When my grandmother came to America she added Clariana as her first name to honor her mother.
Also, my grandmother was a godmother to so many children that she eventually lost count.
On this side there are ALOT cousins
Oddly enough, my sister, Uncle Allen, Alleyna, Uncle Clamard, my grandma, and Uncle Kellog were all born in May
Please feel free to scroll around and look at the pictures :)
September 23
October 29
May 1
January 26
September 18
My mom had me a few days after her birthday! Awesome present!!!
June 24
November 15
December 31
May 2
June 18
May 15
May 15
May 8
December 8
May 4
October 31
September 23
October 29
May 1
July 17
July 14
August 12
October 8
September 18
January 26
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