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El Mensajero de San Martin

No description

Nicole Giglio

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of El Mensajero de San Martin

El Mensajero de San Martin
Mike Giglio & Alec Manfre
Period B

Being that this is a part of history, there is no author.
San Martin was sitting in his office when he called Miguel in.
San Martin asked him if he would accept an honorable, yet dangerous mission.
Miguel learned that this was secret and if he was found, he would be killed.
With this in mind, he began traveling to Chile.
When he arrives he meets a lawyer, Rodriguez who takes the letter and gives him another letter to return to Argentina.
While traveling back to Argentina, Miguel passes through a town under control of Colonel Ordonez who was a leader of the realists.
Ordonez asks several questions but Miguel denies everything, saying his name was Juan Gomez, but when asked if he had a letter, his face turned red and Ordonez knew he was lying.
As the soldiers went to take the letter from his belt, he threw it into the fire so they couldn't read it.
Ordonez tells Miguel that if he tells the truth, he won't be hurt. Miguel continued to lie and although offered 10 gold coins, he still refused to say anything. This led to him being whipped.
They kept Miguel overnight thinking that he would tell the truth in the morning, however, a Chilean soldier who believed in San Martins views unlocked the cell an released him.
Miguel traveled back to Argentina to show his wounds and tell his story.
Simon Bolivar- The Grand Liberator
Jose San Martin- The general of the patriots
Miguel- The messenger, 16 years old
Rodriguez- Lawyer, other leader of patriots
Ordonez- colonel of the realists
The Chilean Soldier- Soldier who helps Miguel escape
Los Azotes
El cinturon
Bravery-shown by Miguel risking his life for his country

Patriotism- Miguel never said anything even though he was whipped and offered gold
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