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Tips for a Successful Senior Year

No description

Reagan Locke

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Tips for a Successful Senior Year

Tips for a Successful Senior Year

To-Do Lists
Teacher websites
Seniors need to Stay Healthy!

Eat Well


Don't stress

Talk about concerns with someone
Be Productive
Use their time wisely, including
Early Release & Late Arrival

Ask Questions

Keep grades up! Senior grades DO matter!

Limit time on social media
Students Should be in Class Every Day!
Do Not Procrastinate!
Get plenty of Sleep
Organization is a Must!
Keep a calendar with deadlines and steps
Parents: check Parent Access!

Beat Senioritis!

Start a Countdown
Use a calendar
Sign up for class reminders!

Congratulations on making it to senior year!
On time!
We Are Always Here to Help!
A word from our Senior Sponsors....
Reminder of our cell phone policy
During class: At Teacher's Discretion

Many teachers collect phones so please do not call/text your student during class.
Help Your Student Learn Self-Advocacy Skills and Build Resiliency
Colleges will not normally talk to parents

Your student should be solving problems by themselves! Try to give them room to do that!

They need to struggle now so they struggle less in College or career.
Tips for Senior Year Success!
Your student should stay Motivated throughout the year!
Be familiar with our graduation requirements!
Important Dates:
Senior Dues
$100 until Sept 30
$125 Oct until April 1st
Kickoff- September 20th
Due: October 4th & 5th during lunches
Prom- May 6th at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott
Graduation: May 30th
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