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Elephant Run

No description

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Elephant Run

Elephant Run
Elephant Run by: Roland Smith
The Summary Of The Novel
During world war II a boy named Nick is living with his mother in London, England, around this time it is very dangerous where they live because the Nazis would bomb places all over the city, because of this his mom had to make a critical decision by saying he should go live in Burma, Plantation with his first dad. Soon after Nick arrives after he learns to know the place a bit, the japanese took over the Plantation which was led by colonel Nagayoshi. He made most of the Burmese go to labor camps to work for him to make this there hideout out , in the process Nick's dad got sent to a labor camp to, and Nick was supposed to be in Australia but the colonel didn't keep his promise and kept Nick as a servant. Will Nick ever escape from the Japanese and if he does will he be able to save his dad, sorry that's where I stop you have to read the book to find out the rest.
My Point Of View
After you heard all of this i'm finally going to give you what I think of this novel. I enjoyed reading this book a lot and personally it made me go back to reading books because how good it is. This book was good because it had a lot of action and adventure, it never made me lose interest it would always have you thinking about something while you read the book, you can even relate to how they act or behave because some of these things could have happened to you. If I had to rate this out of ten I would give it a ten out of ten. I would recommend this book to ages 11-16 kids who like adventure. The reason being because kids these age could relate to their age.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One strength I see in my point of view is that the author gets you hooked in at the end of each chapter by using cliff hangers, like at the end of chapter 12 its says it'll ten months before you can see your dad again, don't you want to know right away, this a good strength he has.
Another strength I see is that he always the book interesting never at a single point did I want to stop reading this right from the start, in chapter 1 it says that this is taking place in world war II and it is dangerous where he lives and he has to make some tough decisions.
A weakness I think he has is his descriptions they would be really vague, in this novel he didn't give Nick's physical appearance, because of this it was really hard for me to imagine him.

Thank You For Listening
BY: Nihal.K 7-1
Roland Smith
Erica O'rourke
These are the the people who created Elephant Run. Roland is the author and Erica is the cover artist.
The First Version
The Latest Version
My novel for novel study this year is Elephant Run. The author for the novel is Roland Smith and the cover artist is Erica O'rourke, to be honest they made a great tag team to make this book. This book is a historical fiction and from my perspective it's an adventurous book too because in this novel the setting would constantly be changed in the story, and characters are constantly discovering new things. This novel was originally made in 2007 which had a different cover than ours in the class, and the latest cover which was made in 2010 (the version we have in our class) which one's better in your perspective.
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