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OCDE Flip Your Class

No description

Crystal Kirch

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of OCDE Flip Your Class

Orange County
Department of Education Flip Your Class Objectives for Class Explain the definition of flipped instruction
Experience using tools for flipped instruction
Design a flipped model lesson Module 1 (before class) Joined Flipped Learning Network Ning (flippedclassroom.org)
Completed Flipped Quiz
Read & Researched on Flipped Instruction
Watched videos on Flipped Instruction
Completed WSQ
Why should you flip?
What is the best way to flip?
What can you flip? Module 2 Objectives: Design a rough outline of a lesson you would like to flip Module 3 Objectives:
Choose your tools
Understand effective recordings
Create sample recording
Post recording in accessible location Module 4 Objectives: Research Flipped Mastery Model http://goo.gl/M2OPB On behalf of the Superintendent of the Orange County Department of Education, thank you for attending today's workshop! 1. Establish clear learning objectives
2. Decide on inquiry vs direct instruction
3. Consider student access to videos
4. Design engaging learning activities for class
5. Create assessments for students to demonstrate mastery Tools
Tablet (Wacom)
Screen Recording Hosting
Sophia.org Structure
Microphone Software
Screenflow (Mac)
OmniDazzle (Mac)
iPad - Screenchomp, Educreations, ShowMe, Doceri, ExplainEverything
YouTube - Editing, Audio, Annotation, Enhancements Presentation:
Time Case for the Flipped Mastery Model
Teaches students to take responsibility for their own learning
Creates a way to personalize and differentiate classroom
Makes learning the center of the classroom
Gives students instant feedback and reduces teacher paperwork
Provides opportunities for remediation
Allows for multiple means of learning content
Provides multiple chances for demonstrating understanding
Changes the role of the teacher
Teaches students the value of learning instead of “playing school”
Easily reproducible, scalable, and customizable
Increases face-to-face time with the teacher
Ensures that all students are involved
Makes hand-on activities more personal
Makes teacher-led demonstrations more engaging
Helps teachers help kids Implementing the Model
First Day
Inform Parents
Teach Students how to watch and interact with the videos
Require students to ask interesting questions
Set up your classroom for flipped mastery
Allow students to manage their time and workload
Encourage kids to help kids
Build an appropriate assessment system Concluding Objectives
Flipped Quiz
Compare Results
Choose a quizzing resource to take back with you
OCDE Survey Let's discuss! Go over results http://bit.ly/ocdeflipquiz http://bit.ly/ocdeonlinequizzes flipped2012 http://bit.ly/ocdeflipquiz flipped2012 Resources
Flip Your Classroom, Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day - Johnathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams ISBN #978-1-56484-315-9
http://flippedclassroom.org/ - this is a great resource because it gives access to pretty much every discipline out there
http://www.flippedlearning.org/workshops - More training on Flipped Instruction.
http://www.flippedlearning.org - Main site on flipped instruction.
http://www.diigo.com/list/rkolset/FlippedClassroom - list of flipped classroom resources on diigo
http://flipteaching.com/index.php - Blog on tools to used for flipped instruction

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