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Sustainable Building: A problem

By Callum Joseph Hafner-Schnee

Callum Hafner-Schnee

on 20 February 2012

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Transcript of Sustainable Building: A problem

Sustainable Building: A problem The architecture and construction sector currently accounts for about 40% of total CO2 emissions in the UK. Before this presentation, did you know about this problem? Solar Panels Wind Turbine Even though these buildings are expensive to build, in the long-term you can make a profit (selling electricty back to the electricity company). People can tell the difference between a Jeep and a Toyota Prius but they can't tell the difference between a mansion and an apartment block powered by solar or wind power. In other words, there are many other people besides you that don't know about Building practices. Many people could save thousands on their energy bill just for putting in new insulation. You could also save money on your energy bill by switching to flourescent lights. If all this doesn't happen, what would happen to earth? Because by the time we learn the HARD WAY, it will be too late. We would be better off not knowing. But if we are going to meet this goal, we need to take action now. Level Up With the current alternative energy, it is possible to reduce a building's carbon footprint to ZERO As you might guess, these green buildings would cost a lot of money. But there are more things to a green building than itself. There are 5 factors that make a green building "green" The standing factors to evaluate a buildings energy use are: Where the building stands, The building itself, The energy system in the building, where the building is placed (next to public transport etc.), and the biggest one, human activity. But before we can fix this problem, a few things need to happen Under Construction We need to raise awareness levels about Unsustainable Building. ? 68% of total Electricity Use. 60% of Total Non-Industrial Waste and 39% of Total Energy Use. We are already reducing the amount of waste in the UK due to the very sucsessful recycling program. If the Government owned and rented out these green houses... They could make money from the rent and the energy, because they would also take care of the buildings system. I am currently looking for a local architecture company that is willing to at least make a blueprint for a green apartment building. If they can't build it, I will give the blueprint to you so you can use it sometime in the future. ex. Save money and energy when you install new insulation to your house. Westminster is working to make the community cleaner and greener. Bus Stop Switch to florescent lights and save money AND energy. Westminster working to make the community cleaner and greener. With your help, we could brainstorm ads and put them up on buses, bus stops, garbage trucks, etc. Source: The Carbon Trust Source: WBDG Sustainable Commitee, funded by the National Institute of building Sciences Source: WBDG Sustainable Commitee, funded by the National Institute of building Sciences Source: WBDG Sustainable Commitee, funded by the National Institute of building Sciences Non-Domestic buildings account for about half of this Source: The Carbon Trust According to the Carbon Trust, a company that has worked with companies such as British airways and Coca-Cola to improve their carbon footprint, we need to cut carbon emissions by 80%, a target that the government currently plans to meet. Source: The Carbon Trust An ad campaign to raise awareness can save 10% on the average home or commercial energy bill Source: The New Scientist, "we need a sixth sense to fight global warming" , 2010 I am also in favour of any updates of insulation or lighting etc. to council houses (I understand if you don't have the budget :) . I sincerly hope that you will help this cause as it is a very big problem and action needs to be taken now. If any of you need or would like to contact me, my details are:
E-mail: callum_hafner@asl.org or callumhafner@sportsupdatestoyou.com
Home Phone: 0207 586 0705 (I might not always be home)
Address: 21 Park St. James, St. James Terrace, NW8 7LE London, England
I do not have a mobile phone (yet). Thank you all very much for your time. Have a nice day! So that means you could sell it (the house) or your services for a premium because it can make the client money (in the long-term) I am currently trying to get the government to put on some ads to raise awareness. Do you think that you could do something too? If possible, I would like to work with you to make a blueprint of a green building and maybe make a 3D model. Sadly, I cannot help you acctually build the building unless someone says that I can (School!). If you can't build it, I would like to send a copy of the blueprint and your details to them so you can work with them to build the building in the future. I understnand if you can't build it :) . If you can build it and plan to or start building it, please send me some updates so i can reflect on the overall success of my project. My contact details are coming up soon. I will give you both your presentation and the presentation I gave to the government, that way you get a general idea of what i would like them to do. I will give you both this presentation and the presentation that i will present to the architecture company, so you know what I am trying to do with them.
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