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All for Love - Group 8

No description

nada saad

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of All for Love - Group 8

The Dramatic Unity
All for Love is a tragedy written by John Dryden. He is considered as a great representative figure in the literature of the latter part of the 17th century .The tragic drama of his period was made up of heroic plays which are written in heroic couplets. In these the men are splendidly brave and the women wonderfully beautiful.

In Dryden's preface to All for Love; He threw off the remark that the death of Antony and Cleopatra had attracted the greatest wits of our nation. Each act concludes with a turn of the main design, not only of action, but of the emotion that leads to the action which is to complete it. Dryden cultivated the French classic tragedy on the model of Racine and combined it with a richness of characterization in which he showed himself a disciple of Shakespeare, and of this mixed type his best example is All for Love.

All For Love
By John Dryden
40 - 30 B.C
He is introduced in many methods by Dryden as an emperor, husband, a lover, a cherished friend, moody, jealous and hesitated.Antony is a man with leadership skills that makes him role the Roman Empire, but he lost everything due to his infatuation of Cleopatra.He appears as a cherished friend for Ventidius and Dollabella.He is a moody character because, at the beginning of the play, he tends to isolation after losing the Roman Empire. He gets jealous of his close friend, Dollabella, when he has thought that he still in love with Cleopatra.Antony's hesitation appears in his inability to make decisions such as returning to Cleopatra or his wife, Octavia.
Octavia has furnishings enough for the heroine of a great tragedy; but she is not fitted to shine in the same sphere with Cleopatra. Octavia shows her large heartedness and the nobility of her soul when Ventidius brings her and her two daughters to Alexandria. She tries to win her husband’s sympathy and affection using her children , that Antony himself tells her that he "must praise the greatness of your soul." We see another character of her when she stands face to face with Cleopatra. She shows both her dignity and capacity to deal with a proud rival. She has a sharp tongue and her remarks are offensive. She feels deeply hurt when she finds than Antony’s heart still lies with Cleopatra.
He is a loyal courtier of his queen, Cleopatra, as he stands beside her. But he appears as an evil man when he suggested to her to try to arouse Antony's jealousy by pretending that she has fallen in love with Dollabella, he uses him as a rat of his experiment. His plan puts him in danger so he lies to save his life, and these lies makes Antony and Cleopatra put a misery end to their love story.
Dollabella and Antony have identical minds and temperaments, so they fall in love with the same woman, Cleopatra. As a result, he is forbidden to meet her. He supports Octavia to move Antony's heart for the sake of Antony's satisfaction. Due to his soft and gentile nature. he entrusts by Antony to go and inform Cleopatra about his decision that taken under compelling circumstances to forsake Cleopatra.
The major theme of the play was the love between Antony and Cleopatra, The unlawful love. Dryden claims in his preface to All for Love that his play is for "the excellence of the moral; for the chief person presented, were famous patterns of unlawful love; and their end accordingly was unfortunate".
Love and Sacrifice theme
Death and Loyalty
The death was considered to be one of the most important theme in Dryden's play since the play ends by the death of the main characters.Ventidius has lost his life for the sake of Antony, so Antony decides to kill himself by his sword after receiving the news of Cleopatra's fake death.Cleopatra has tried to prove her loyalty to Antony by telling him that she will die for him
Antony acknowledges Ventidius’s love and friendship for him,Ventidius feels grateful to Antony for this acknowledgment.Cleopatra expressed her wish to be a man so that no one would feel jealous of her friendship with Antony , referring to Ventidius who is jealous of Antony’s love for her.Ventidius assures to him that Dollabella still has friendly feelings towards him. Antony feels delighted and thrilled by his unexpected appearance, greets him with the greatest joy, addressing him as his
"better half "
Jealousy is like a fire which can destroy everything beautiful. Jealousy is demonstrated in the interactions of Fulvia and Octavia towards Cleopatra, Cleopatra towards Antony towards Caesar and Dollabella. Fulvia, Antony's first wife, became jealous of Antony's love for Cleopatra, so she launches a war against Octavius to get Antony back. But instead of returning him back Fulvia dies, her jealousy kills her, because Antony prefers to stay with Cleopatra.
Dryden introduces betrayal through different examples in this play. Antony betrayes Caesar and Octavia when he falls in love with Cleopatra. Antony lives with her in Egypt neglecting Octavia and his children. He also betrayes his troops at the battle of Actium as he left the army in the middle of the battle and fled after Cleopatra
Emotional Weaknesses
It is one of the important themes in the play which effects on the characters: Antony, Cleopatra and Dollabella. Although Antony is a very strong and brave Roman emperor, he becomes Cleoptra's slave, he does whatever she pleases. Antony escapes from the battle of Actium to follow Cleopatra, and it is a shame for any emperor to do so.And also all the wars between Antony and Caesar are because of Cleopatra. She destroys his life because of his weaknesses to her.
By: Nauroz Saad
Group 8

She is a strong woman with a strong personality, that can rule Egypt. The control of the roman empire couldn't stand along in front of her beauty. She can gets what she wants whenever she needs it. She could control the heart of Antony and makes him her slave, and leave his whole empire for the sake of her. However, this effects Antony badly and leads to the death of both.
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