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Mars By Adam.$

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Mars By Adam.$

Have you ever seen mars in the night sky?

Its a big planet, but from Earth it looks like
a small red dot. mars is the fourth planet from
the sun, and the planet in the soler system most
like Earth. Nobody has been to mars yet. But it will
be the first planet that astronauts visit.

Today the surface of mars is a cold,dry,and dusty place.But evidence from martian rocks,and features such as dry channels in the surface, show us that liquid water once flowed on mars. Billions of years ago, mars may have been more like Earth is today!
Mars appears in the night sky as a bright red star(the light from mars is sunlightbouncing off it). In ancient times,astronomers(people who study space ) saw that Mars moved across the background of stars,so they knew it was a planet rather then a star. Hundreds of years later,astronomers first studied mars with telescopes. since the 1960s, many robotic spacecraft have visited the planet.
Mars is a bright red spot in the night sky.It is brightest when it's on the same side of the sun as Earth.
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