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Copy of Introduction to Multimedia Presentation - Sour Sally

A presentation explaining how 5 forms of media are used in the website for the frozen yogurt company, Sour Sally

Helena Dennis

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Introduction to Multimedia Presentation - Sour Sally

Green Tea
Chocco Nutty
Bubblegum Toppings:-
Granola Shop Design:-
Child's sweet shop
Pastel colours
Children's Storybooks
Attracts a younger crowd to introduce them to a healthier lifestyle TEXT INTERACTIVITY SOUND STATIC
IMAGE STATIC IMAGE INTERACTIVITY French Style Accordion Music MUSIC SOUND EFFECTS Simplistic Attractive to young children Dream Like Trampoline springs Splashing sound when dropping the character into the teacup As you move over each topping, a ringing sound is triggered Characters also make noises. E.g. Toy monkey playing symbols Uses Serif font to give a less modern appeal Text can be seen on signs for each section of the website and on a book for 'nutritional facts' A menu screen is located on the right hand side of the screen for instant access to each section The logo uses the same font as the website using the main characters legs for the two 'L's' in the word 'Sally' The website lets you use your mouse to fly, arrow keys to walk and space bar to jump to navigate around the site. If you click on the balloon whilst floating over a teacup, the balloon will pop and the character will fall into the cup to take you to that part of the website. STATIC IMAGES MOVING IMAGES Illustrations of fruit, frozen yoghurt, snowmen and teacups. Background swirls of different styles. Flying animals such as ducks and elephants move across the screen. Spinning fruit and biscuits intertwined in the background The main character blinks and waves with her feet dangling as the balloon guides her around. Other images such as a telephone ringing and objects floating in the sky give the site a sense of character and playfulness. Sour Sally also has a section where you can write comments on the franchise and website and share your opinion. How has this case study's combination of media been used for an overall purpose and effect? What Tools and Techniques have been used in order to create this website? How has the combination of media been used to inform its presentation format and diffusion? It draws the viewer in to participate more. Particularly a younger viewer encouraging them to explore by clicking and moving the mouse over all areas of the web page. Through this enjoyable experience, the client will become interested in the frozen yoghurts, and will want that enjoyable experience to be repeated when visiting the store. Text:- This would be compiled in adobe flash. Sound:- Sound files. Perhaps a personal recording of an accordion and sound effects. Moving Images:- Originally hand drawn, these images may have been created in flash or another animation programmer. Static Images:- Originally hand drawn and scanned into the computer. They are very childlike so perhaps a child may have drawn them. Interactivity:- Compiled in Flash. This is shown by right-clicking in the website. Used for guidance to each section of the website. Also gives information in each section. This gives the site an ambiance of nostalgia for the older customer and a fun approach for the young. The use of text, imagery, sound and interactivity within the website lets it stand out from any other retailer of its kind. This should attract a wider audience to the retail stores. The interactivity in the website creates an inviting approach to the company. Sour Sally strives to be 'Quirky, Refreshing and Homely' (My Sour Sally, 2008). The overall presentation should attract a younger audience which will hopefully spread the word of the company to increase its success. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.mysoursally.com/ (2008) (Accessed: 25 January 2013) Chaniago, F. (2009)'Secret behind Sour Sally’s success'. Available at: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2009/08/05/secret-behind-sour-sally039s-success.html (Accessed: 30 January 2013) Graduation Cap Picture. Available at: Microsoft Word 2010, ClipArt (Accessed: 01 February 2013) Sour Sally Pictures:
Sour Sally Logo (2008) Available at: http://www.thefwa.com/site/sour-sally- Sour Sally Illustrations (2008) Available at: http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/article/detail.htm?article_id=157
http://teddy-bear-princess.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/blog-post.html Sour Sally Photos (2008) Available at: http://www.cozycot.com/health/article/health-benefits-of-a-sour-sally-yogurt Sour Sally in store photos (2008) Available at: http://heydiaspora.com/exclusive-interview-with-sour-sally-singapore/
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