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War of 1812 Firearms

No description

brendan evers

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of War of 1812 Firearms

War Of 1812 Firearms By: Brendan What Firearms were used in the war of 1812? What was the difference about the guns? Musket Rifle Flintlock Pistol Each type of gun in
the war of 1812 was
effective in its own
area of the war. Good -Low accuracy
-Short Range
-Bad Mobility -Bayonet
-Easy to make Positive - Very Accurate
- Long range
- good mobility Negative -bad durability
-slow reload
-harder to make Positive Negative - Horse back
- ship
-could have a
sword - short range The purpose of the musket is
was to arm and be used by
many soldiers. -Made quickly
-no rifling
-less parts
-could arm many
soldiers in less time -affective when used by many soldiers
-low accuracy = Didn't matter
-soldiers stand side by side
-eventually they will be hit. Weren't guns enough? NO!
-spears were
could of had a bayonet on it
-The enemy would
rather act dead. When a few rifles were added
to an army of soldiers with muskets, the tables turned. -difficult gun to make
-not many soldiers could have one
-rifling in the barrel.
-tons of parts
-couldn't be mass
produced -Rifles can hit far away enemies
-shoot twice as far
-takes longer to load
-rifles could hit what
the musket couldn't -Great for chasing enemies
-It's smaller and lighter
-could shoot
-the enemy 100 meters away
-was mobile and very effective. Pistols are used in cramped, and
short combat. It is also good
when you have to be fast.
It is small and light, has
a holster and only takes up
one of your hands. -used on horseback.
-only used in one hand.
-could hold on to the saddle
-can be holstered
-Other guns can't be
used on horseback. -great on ships
-used a sword
-boarding a ship = holster
-using a canon you =holster
-Muskets and rifles
are to big for ships. -useful in towns
-push through people =one hand
-open doors = one hand
-small, concealable and light Each gun has it's own area
of war it was used for.
It could be because of the
rifling, the size or the quantity. youtube.com/Automcanic There were 3 firearms used in
the war of 1812. They had
advantages and disadvantages.These
guns were muskets, rifles and flintlock pistols. Negative Positive Work Cited http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flintlock
http://www.leatherlore.com/holsters.htm "A battery of field artillery is
worth a thousand muskets." -William Tecumseh Sherman "Our freedoms were born in the
ideals of the Enlightenment and the
musket fires of an historic revolution." -John Boehner "...We did win, we
were using a rifle against a
club..." -Ben Lexcen
"Never shot. Dropped once." -Roy Blunt "The only real power comes out
of a long rifle." -Joseph Stalin "While I write this letter, I
have a pistol in one hand
and a sword in the other." -Boyle Roche Unknown author, 1795 Springfield Flintlock Infantry Musket - United States
http://www.warof1812.ca/weapons.html Unknown author, Official War of 1812 Bicentennial Website
http://www.visit1812.com/history/ ---
http://www.visit1812.com/history/USMusket.html Unknown author,Black Powder Muzzle loader
Flintlock Muskets, Pistols, and Bayonets
http://www.militaryheritage.com Wilkinson, Frederick and Mike and Dan for the superb photographs
http://web.science.mq.edu.au/~susanlaw/ninetyfive/flintlk.htm Automcanic, youtube; Musket Gun firing
youtube.com/watch?v=e4xyp_juHX8 http://soundbible.com "Musket was a mass-produced version
of the standard British long arm."
-www.visit1812.com "Bullets must spin to be accurate"
-www.firearmsid.com "Riflemen could achieve ranges of 150
to 200 yards."
-england.prm.ox.ac.uk "United States Army used horse-mounted
fighting men."
-United states military sadles "A naval brig might carry 10
to 20 guns."
-www.eighteentwelve.ca Thesis
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