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Tim Horton's Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Leadership Presentation

Martha Ta

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Tim Horton's Corporate Social Responsibility

Tim Horton's Corporate Social Responsibility History of the Company
- Deidre Mach - Founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario by Tim Horton's and co-founder Ron Joyce

- Tim Horton decided to switch from the hockey career to franchise because he knew his hockey career won’t last long

- In the beginning of the franchise they started selling goods, coffee and donuts.

- By 1967, he had opened three restaurants - Tim Horton passed away in 1974 due to a car accident, by that time he had 40 Tim Horton restaurants

- Shortly after Tim Horton’s death, Joyce started a Children’s Foundation. The non-profitable, charitable, organization runs camps and other activities for the unfortunate.

- Ron Joyce has received many rewards for his generousity to the community, and for his excellent business skills Mission Statement & Corporate Values
- Deidre Mach - Mission Statement: “Our mission, in partnership with every restaurant owner and team member, is to be the industry leader through commitment to excellence in people, product quality, value, cleanliness, customer service, and community leadership”

- Tim Horton's is a huge corporation in the United States and Canada. Even in the countryside they are famous for their coffee. Unlike other coffee corporations, Tim Horton's organizes a lot of events that helps their community. Their priority isn’t just to earn money but us citizens as well.

- Tim Horton's values all their employees and customers; they treat them with the utmost respect, honesty, fairness, compassion and loyalty

- Tim Horton's have many other CSR’s they address to. Social Responsibility Initiatives
- Martha Ta Name of Program: Smile cookie

Details of Program / Scope: Buying a cookie at Tim Horton’s will help raise funds for charities, hospitals, and community programs across US and Canada

For example: Toronto – the Children’s Breakfast Club Toronto, London – Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre, Niagara Falls – Pathstone Foundation

From September 17 – 23

First started by raising funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital of Ontario in 1996. Name of Program: Timbits Minor Sports Program

Details of Program: Sponsorship program for children from 4 to 8 years old who play in local house league sports teams

Scope: For children in Canada and U.S.

Currently sponsoring more than 200,000 children playing on hockey, soccer, lacrosse, t-ball, baseball, and ringette teams

Children will be given Timbits Minor Sports jerseys or T-shirts

They’re also given the chance to participate in their own “Timbits Jamboree” and to receive prizes, food, and beverages Name of Program: Tim Hortons Food Drive

Details/Scope: Helping the local community donate bins of non-perishable food items

Name of Program: Tim Horton Children’s Foundation

Details/Scope: Gives opportunities to all children from economically disadvantaged homes to attend a safe, entertaining, camp environment

There are a variety of programs to help the youth in developing leadership skills and to support graduates achieve their goals in their post-secondary education

For example: Carolee House Bursary Program, Youth Leadership Program Environmental Initiatives
- Barbara Nguyen Transparency
- Deidre Mach Provides financial information about the company balance sheet, income statement, but they don’t show any reports on their investors, or other business organizations

Annual 2011 financial statements on the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation
Unlike other organizations they show their social responsibility initiative audits

Unaudited income statement and balance sheet of 2011 first and second quarter
They show inside information that isn’t audited yet, so they don’t mind people seeing it Employee Benefits, Wellness and Support Programs
- Martha Ta Tim Horton’s restaurant team can enjoy ...

Health and dental benefits
Tim Horton’s scholarship program – available to employees, their children, and grand-children for volunteer work and pursuing a post-secondary education

Tim Horton’s corporate team can enjoy ...

Benefit programs: Health and dental benefits – such as life insurance, vision care, dental care
Pension plan / 401 K
Wellness programs – Tim Fit Fitness Center (Oakville Center)
Employee support programs: Discount programs, Opportunity to work at Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation, Tuition reimbursement, Leadership skills development, performance management, annual training calendar and courses, career development Articles
- Barbara Nguyen Tim Horton's adding free Wi-fi to its menu

Tim Hortons will be adding free Wi-Fi to its “traditional” outlets for their customers. They expect 90 per cent outlets across Canada to offer free Wi-Fi by September. This plan will not however include their non-traditional outlets such as kiosks, gas stations and hospital locations.


Tim Horton's launches new "Cup-to-Tray" recycling program in Nova Scotia

Tim Hortons has partnered up with Nova Scotia’s recycling partners for an effective way to recycle. Tim Hortons’ hot beverage cups will be turned into their take-out trays when you recycle their cups at Tim Hortons.

http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/862339/tim-hortons-launches-new-cup-to-tray-recycling-program-in-nova-scotia Name of Program: Plastic Reduction

Tim Hortons’ goal here is to reduce their packaging by 5% within their supply chain and manufacturing operations by the end of 2012.Benefits the environment by reducing waste that will go into landfills.

Scope: At any Tim Horton's restaurants (i.e. international)

Name of Program: Waste Diversion

Details: Tim Hortons’ goal here was to divert their waste and have appropriate end-of-life solutions for their hot beverage cups and other packaging.

Scope: At any Tim Horton's restaurants (i.e. international) Name of Program: Coffee Cup "In my past life, I used to be a cup"

Details: Started in October 2011.
-The program allowed hot beverage cups to be collected from all 156 of their traditional restaurants in the province and converted into their take-out trays.
-Benefits the environment by having consumers recycle their product into something that will be used again.

Scope: At any Tim Horton's restaurant (ie. international) Conclusion
- Martha Ta http://sustainabilityreport.timhortons.com/planet_enviro.html Tim Horton’s Distribution/Transportation employees can receive ...

Benefit programs: Health – 90% drug and eligible professional services coverage, Dental – 90% coverage, 50% orthodontic care, Short-term disability insurance, Life insurance, Vision care, Pension plan after one year, employee assistance plan,
Wellness programs – On-site gym in Guelph facility, Fitness subsidy
Employee support programs: discount programs, performance management, leadership skills management, tuition reimbursement In conclusion, Tim Horton's has demonstrated great CSR initiatives. Their community leadership has grown with its success. From starting the Children's Foundation in 1974 to the recent Smile Cookie program, they have consistenly given back to its community throughout U.S. and Canada.

The Coffee Cup program is one of their many programs for a more eco-friendly restaurant. They're showing their community that a small action can be of great help to the environment.

Tim Horton's employees can also recieve benefits and wellness programs ranging from scholarships to volunteering opportunities, for different employees.

Though not all financial info is shown, financial statements on the Children's Foundation and unaudited income and balance statements are provided for consumers.
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